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creative analysis of advertisements Free essay! Download now

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creative analysis of advertisements

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creative analysis of advertisements essay previewcreative analysis of advertisements essay previewcreative analysis of advertisements essay preview


the follow essay is a light texted brief on advertisements in different forms of media and how they appeal to their target audience


Volkswagen Beetle

This TV commercial was part of the Volkswagen Beetle’s advertising campaign in India, where this attractive lady walks into a restaurant and orders a table full of food just for herself and begins to gorge. The words Curves are back appear on the screen. Later they show a red beetle outside the restaurant window with the reflection of the lady busy trying to get curves like the car. Curves are back was intended to be a fashion statement. So it targets all who follow fashion trends, what is new and hep. It involves emotional appeal and caters to people’s need for acceptance, belonging, being fashionable and attractive leading to social approval. Product is positioned using its feature. The beetle is known for its curves hence the furore. The following is a print ad of the same campaign.

This is the print ad that I have picked for Volkswagen Beetle. (Different campaign)
The New Beetle. Fun on the outside. Serious underneath. That is how the tagline goes. The yellow is instantly eye-catchy. The copy uses a storytelling-like approach which again brings about interest and curiosity. Now the car itself describes the target audience. Fun and adventurous on the outside but means serious business inside. It targets people who are workaholics and perfectionists but love to enjoy and have fun. That is the sort of car the Beetle is. It is adventurous, always taking risks for fun but stable and sensible on the inside. The ad is stylish and appealing.

The following advertisement is well-known to Chennai Live 104.8 FM listeners. It is Pasta Bar Veneto’s 40 second advertisement. Since I couldn’t get hold of the ad itself, I have jotted down the script below.
The ad is found in the mentioned site-
Italian music in the background.
Male narrative in English with a heavy Italian accent:

“The Pasta Bar Veneto, what it ees (is)?
The bar serving pastas from Veneto?
Aaah, but it also serve the pizza, the Creole and the sandwiches,
So maybe it is a restaurante,
I mean an Italian restaurant,
But it is open from 11 in the morning eh, to 11 in the night,
Not just for lunch and dinner..
So it is a restaurante that is open literally the whole day.
It is also a nice hangout that serves coffee, tea and juice,
But u don’t go to a restaurant to ...

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