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final analysis for MBF3C1 Free essay! Download now

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final analysis for MBF3C1

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This is what the first page of the essay looks like


it gives an idea of how to study at last minute if you are a last minute person then do this questions and you will be fine for your next day exams on MBF3C1


Final Review MBF3C1

Modified True/False
Indicate whether the statement is true or false. If false, change the identified word or phrase to make the statement true.

____ 1.

The cosine law can be used to determine the length of ST. _________________________

____ 2.

The cosine law can be used to find the measure of A. _________________________

____ 3. A number cube labelled 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4 is tossed. There is an equal probability of landing on an even number compared to an odd number. _________________________

____ 4. When rolling a six-sided die, the probability of rolling a 4 or greater is . _________________________

____ 5. To calculate the theoretical probability, all outcomes do not have to be equally likely. _________________________

____ 6. A sample may be biased if it is too small. _________________________

____ 7. The value of h in the quadratic relation of the form determines the vertical position of the parabola _________________________

____ 8. The factors of are . _________________________

____ 9. Tiling patterns are called golden rectangles. _________________________

____ 10. Any base raised to a negative exponent is equal to the reciprocal of the base raised to a positive exponent of the same numerical value. _________________________

____ 11. For any exponential relation, the difference between successive terms is constant. _________________________

____ 12. The closer the coefficient of determination, r2, is to 1, the better the exponential equation fits the data. _________________________

____ 13. The exponential equation has a growth factor of 0.7. _________________________

____ 14. A loan with compound interest always costs more than a loan with simple interest. _________________________

____ 15. When changing any conditions of a loan, the principal will also change. _________________________

____ 16. A GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) usually pays interest at a calculated rate and cannot be cashed before a specified date. _________________________

____ 17. The costs for a new vehicle are usually greater than those for a used vehicle. _________________________

____ 18. Leasing a new vehicle is basically entering into a long-term investment. _________________________

____ 19. Variable costs are expenses that remain the same form one month to the next. _________________________

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

Use this diagram to answer the following questions.

____ 20. In the above diagram, what is the measure of P?
insufficient information given

____ 21. In the above diagram, what is the measure of side PR?
5.6 cm
9.8 cm
11.4 cm
13.9 cm

____ 22. Which of the following could be used to solve for the length of side d?

sine law
distance formula
cosine law
Pythagorean theorem

Use this diagram to answer the following questions.

____ 23. In the above diagram, what is the measure of Q?
cannot be determined

____ 24. A bag has identical balls of these colours: 1 white, 6 red, 9 green, and 3 purple. Without looking, a ball is drawn from the bag. You would most likely get a
green ball
purple ball
red ball
white ball

____ 25. A scratch-and-win ticket is made up of five spots, each covering a symbol. Of the five spots, only two have identical symbols. You have to get two ...

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