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David Hilbert Free essay! Download now

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David Hilbert

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A history of David Hilbert


David Hilbert was a very influential mathematician who made tremendous contributions towards the math community with invariant theory and the axiomatization of geometry. We will cover Hilbert’s early life on when he born and where he was born and how he grew up, his early accomplishment of math theories and who his major influences were his explanation on invariant theory and the axiomatization of geometry and what they mean. Who was influenced by Hilbert’s work and how they are used in today’s society with today’s math system.
David Hilbert was born January 23, 1862 in Königsberg, Prussia (now Kaliningrad, Russia). He was the older of two children of Otto and Maria Therese (Erdtmann) Hilbert. Hilbert went and entered the Friedrichskolleg Gymnasium, but after some unhappiness there, he transferred and finished his education at the more science-oriented Wilhelm Gymnasium. After he finished, he went to college at the University of Königsberg. While studying at the university, according to History.mcs “Hilbert study under Lindeman for his doctorate which he received in 1885 for a thesis entitled Über invariante Eigenschaften specieller binärer Formen, insbesondere der Kugelfunctionen (History.mcs, 1999).” While he was studying there, he became friends with another well-known math historian, Hermann Minkowski. According to, “In 1892 he married Käthe Jerosch and they had one child, Franz (, 2012).” He stayed at the University to become a professor from 1886 till 1895. It wasn’t until after 1895, that he accepted a full time professor position in mathematics at the University of Göttingen which he remained for the remainder of his life. He learned so much and flourished with his knowledge in mathematics due to the fact he had contributions from fellow friends Carl Friedrich Gauss, Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet, and Bernhard Riemann. Due to his great success in the knowledge of mathematics, it drew many students and visitors from all over the world to visit to school and/or join. Due to his contributions in mathematics and physics, according to “Hilbert extensively modified the mathematics of invariants—the entities that are not altered during such geometric changes as rotation, dilation, and reflection. Hilbert proved the theorem of invariants—that all invariants can be expressed in terms of a finite number. In his Zahlbericht (“Commentary on Numbers”), a report on algebraic number theory published in 1897, he consolidated what was known in this subject and pointed the way to the developments that followed. In 1899 he published the Grundlagen der Geometrie (The Foundations of Geometry, 1902), which contained his definitive set of axioms for Euclidean geometry and a keen analysis of their significance. This popular book, which appeared in 10 editions, marked a turning point in the axiomatic treatment of ...

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