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WW2 Malaya: Battle of Jitra Free essay! Download now

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WW2 Malaya: Battle of Jitra

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WW2 Malaya: Battle of Jitra essay previewWW2 Malaya: Battle of Jitra essay previewWW2 Malaya: Battle of Jitra essay preview


Battle of Jitra





This service paper is a battle study of Jitra in the Malayan Campaign 1941 to 1942. Malayan campaign is major land operations conducted by Japanese forces as part of World War II(WW II). Jitra Line is the most forward British defence positions to counter the Japanese invasion. The Battle of Jitra became significant as Jitra Line was overwhelmed by the Japanese in less than 36 hours instead of the two months its planners had hoped that it could withstand.
This paper would examine the importance of the battle in Jitra to the history of the WW II in our country. This is because Jitra was Malaya’s first line of defence and it was a line, which supposed to remain standing for three months, but it fell in just in three days. Its failure had allowed the Japanese to push through the Peninsula and reach Singapore in 60 days.
The occupation of Kuala Lumpur on the other hand, was completely ahead of schedule on 11 January 1942 instead of the planned 14/15 January 1942. However their arrival in Johore went according to plan on 31 January 1942. If Jitra could be held for at least two months, then Japanese plans would have been held back and Singapore would not have fallen so soon.

4. This paper was aimed to identify and analyse the planning, execution and lesson learnt from the battle including relationships between command and control, application of principle of war and logistic application on both forces.
5. The scope of this paper will be as follows:
The Japanese Invasion of Malaya.
Japanese Strategy.
British Strategy.
Analyses of the Battle.
(1) Japanese Success.
(2) Weakness of British Strategy.
Lesson Learnt.
6. In 1938, Japan devised a plan for establishing a “New Order” in Asia. It said that the time had come for the Europeans and Americans to be expelled and for the Greater Asia Co-Prosperity to be put into operation. In reality, it meant Japan gaining control of Asia and exploiting Asian raw materials for its own use. By 1941, the Japanese had concluded that they needed to take military action to win the raw materials of Asia. On 8 December 1941, the Japanese declared war on the United States of America and Britain. Japan began by attacking Pearl Harbour. Meanwhile in the Asian region the Japanese leader, Lt General Yamashita, Commander of 25th Japanese Army Battle group, headed an army of 60,000 Japanese officers and men left Indo-China in 18 transport ships for Thailand.
7. The other force of more than 500 fighter bombers under command of Lt General Sugawara from Japanese Air Force 3rd Group based in Indo-China also took-off for Malaya.
8. Midnight ...

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