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What were the causes of Philip II of Spain's financial difficulties Free essay! Download now

Home > A Level > History > What were the causes of Philip II of Spain's financial difficulties

What were the causes of Philip II of Spain's financial difficulties

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What were the causes of Philip II of Spain\What were the causes of Philip II of Spain\What were the causes of Philip II of Spain\


This essay highlights financial issues that effected Philip and his empire


What were the causes of Philip’s financial difficulties


Philip and taxation

Although he didn’t have a great taxation system in place with his network of civil servants he could have created a more efficient system if he had been more decisive – Philip does not travel his empire leaving much of it neglected this mean he is always distant to his subjects and they are therefore less wiling to comply with a taxation system.


Philip and religious devotion

- Philip is so keen to ensure hegemony for the catholic church, that he lets his religious devotion dominates and overcome pragmatism, leading to disastrous financial decision- Philips decision to persecute the moriscos was a foolish one as they were an element of Spanish society which generated wealth. This is even controversial because the general opinion of the Spanish people was more leaning and accepting of them.

This is also seen in foreign policy where he embarks on expensive war with France costing a huge amount of money based purely on religious principles.


Philip and slow decision making

, not only to his slowness prevent a good taxation system from emerging but it also slows key decision which have s disastrous financial impact- for example the campaign in the Dutch provinces lasted so long and cost so much because Philip insisted on consulting the Cortez

1.4 Philip and foreign policy

Philips aloof and private character meant that unlike his father, he could not solve foreign policy or financial problems with the aid of his own personal intervention. Instead he either turned to the Cortez (costing money), bankers or war .

1.5 Philip and his own expenditure

Although when compare to other contemporary leader of Europe he did not spend a fortune, the reality is Philip should have been aware of unique constraints of his reign and therefore his expenditure on art palaces etc… was even more damaging

1.6 Philips lack of trust

Philips personal and closed decision making process it could be argued was the main factor in slowing down government an increasing the financial burden of his decisions .


Philip himself
Economic and agricultural depression
Religious divide leads to decision that cost ( e.g. Netherlands)
Financial difficulties he inherited
Lack of a cohesive taxation system
The impossible condition of loans


Inherited a broken system attempting to make it better through the civil service and the letrados but events beyond his control made this impossible.

1.4 1.3 vs 1

1.5 vs 2 and 4 5 6

1.2 vs 3

outline issue

evaluate sources

advantages disadvantages

Using theses four passages and your own knowledge assess the view that Philip II’s financial difficulties were of his own making

There is sufficient evidence within these passages ...

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