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turkey opium production

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turkey opium production essay previewturkey opium production essay previewturkey opium production essay preview


On the opium production of turkey


Sociology 241 Final exam essays
1. Shooting Up Counterinsurgency and the War on Drugs, by Vanda Felbab-Brown explores the symbiotic relationship between insurgents and the drug trade from the coca fields of Columbia to the poppy fields of Afghanistan. Vanda conducted various ethnographies, in many cases under extremely dangerous circumstances, which is what makes her work quite unique. Wherever you see the phenomenon of narcotics and insurgency intersect, whether it be in Latin America or Afghanistan, Felbab-Brown was there, having talked to the criminals, drug dealers and insurgents in order to get the real feel on these issues.
Her argument resides mostly in the idea that our current antidrug policies are frequently at odds with our counterinsurgency efforts. The book explores how belligerents, insurgents, paramilitaries or local warlords interact with a variety of illicit economies and how they have penetrated the drug trade as well as other illicit economies. She explains how many belligerent groups have exploited illicit economies and that many governments have increasingly turned to the suppression of illicit economies to suppress the drug trade as a means to defeat the terrorists and counterinsurgents.
U.S counternarcotics policies have been built on the premise that by wiping out the poppy fields and coca crops, we would accomplish suppressing the drug consumption in the US and critically enhance efforts to mitigate conflict. Her argument’s main focus is that this message in fact, is not correct.
Felbab-Brown argues that counternarcotics policies are in-effective in the goal of suppressing military conflict or weakening belligerent groups. These policies such as, eradication, are in actuality counterproductive in their goal of weakening belligerent groups and suppressing military conflict. She argues that they actually enhance the capacities of the belligerents and their staying power. The legitimacy and support of these belligerent groups that sponsor the illicit economy is a direct effect of suppression of labor-intensive illicit economies that frequently employ hundreds of thousands of people. The population will not provide information on these groups to the governments due to the fact that they are supplying various jobs, often in poor countries where obtaining a job has been nearly impossible outside of illicit economies.
She concludes her argument by providing alternative recommendations, and proposes a set of questions in which she believes governments needs to be focusing on in order to truly make a change. She strays from the idea that you need to destroy the illegal economy to turn off the money flow into the groups She discusses how to optimize policies towards illegal economies such as counternarcotics policies with conflict mitigation processes, with counterinsurgency. How to make counternarcotics policies more effective by focusing on the following questions; under what circumstances does eradication work, how can the results of it ...

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