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The allied bombing campaign made no significant contribution to the defeat of Germany. How far do you agree with this statement? Free essay! Download now

Home > A Level > History > The allied bombing campaign made no significant contribution to the defeat of Germany. How far do you agree with this statement?

The allied bombing campaign made no significant contribution to the defeat of Germany. How far do you agree with this statement?

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An argument based on the significance of the bombing campaign combined with other measures that helped allied success in WW2.


The bombing campaign made a contribution to the defeat of Germany; however it was not bombing alone that won the war. After the disaster of Dunkirk, the British used bombing as a way to keep morale high as Churchill was afraid of losing the country’s support. Physical destruction helped in the allied success and once technology developed, bombs were used effectively to target specific areas of Germany. This made German resources become scattered across the country, and forced them on the defensive. The process of bombing was also used in maintaining political unity between Britain and the east, Russian forces.

Between the 27th May and the 4th of June 1940, approximately 338,000 soldiers were evacuated from the beaches of Dunkirk. In response to this huge disaster, the British government had to take action in order to maintain the people’s morale. Churchill took a positive slant to the event by naming it a ‘miracle’. He worked to maintain the ‘Dunkirk spirit’ by actively bombing Germany. The bombs dropped after Dunkirk did little to weaken Germany’s morale or physical state, however the campaign proved to Britons that the allies were still able to take action against its enemy and so kept morale high.

Hitler didn’t want a war with Britain and planned for them to give in to Germany quickly, but Churchill rejected Hitler’s peace offer and so plans for a naval invasion under the name of Operation Sea Lion were made. Britain’s bombing campaign was to be an important reason as to why the operation never took place. Admiral Raeder was not able to make adequate preparations for an invasion as the allied forces bombed barges that were preparing for Sea Lion. Churchill used bombs to destroy a French fleet at Oran so Hitler was unable to use the ships for invasion. Use of bombs prevented Germany from pushing the war forward and stopped a potential invasion.

Despite causing mass destruction, bombs were still very inaccurate and other forms of technology had to be used in order for the allies to achieve any success in the early years of war. In 1940, a warning system called ‘radar’ was discovered and proved to be useful in picking up enemy aircrafts at a distance of 75 miles away. The system meant that planes could focus on attacking the enemy rather than wasting time patrolling and so forced Germany on the defensive rather than the offensive.

Prior to 1942, the British bombing campaign was led by Air Chief Marshal, Sir Hugh Dowding. Although the Luftwaffe outnumbered the RAF with 2500 planes to 1000, German planes were vulnerable bombers with limited range and limited bomb load. Britains fighters, the Spitfire and the Hurricane proved superior to the Germans Bf-109 and played a role in bombing Germany.

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