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Sun Yat Sen

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Importance of Sun Yat Sen


History Essay on Sun Yat Sen
The mood for revolution in China in 1911 was strong. Decades of unrest and agitation had preceded the final overthrow of the Qing dynasty. The role of Sun Yat Sen was pivotal mainly because he had articulated the goals and aspirations of the various revolutionaries, who like him, wanted to push China into the 20th century. Early in the 20th Century he had formulated what he called his ‘Three Principles of the People.’ The three principles were nationalism, democracy and people’s livelihood.The idea of the first principle was the idea that Chinese people of all nationalities would become united and strong enough to stand up to Western imperialism. Sun YatSen’s Second principle democracy was influenced by his understanding of western style constitutional democracies. His aim was to establish a republic with a constitution that would provide democratic rule. This was a repudiation of Confucian principles and the idea of the emperors Tian Ming (the right to rule).The third principle, People’s Livelihood, was motivated by Sun’s belief that the lives of the majority, the peasants, could only be improved by land reform.
Sun’s revolutionary goals played a significant role in bringing about the 1911 Revolution because it was his ideology that provided not only motivation for his followers but also a manifesto that set their goals in concrete form. His writings did not set the revolution in motion but they undoubtedly influenced other revolutionaries who sought to modernise China and restore her place in the world. Historians have pointed out that one of the common signs of a revolution was discussion about ideals for a better world. “Ideas are part of the pre-revolutionary situation…no ideas, no revolution’It is significant thatboth mainland China and Taiwan acknowledged Sun Yat Sen as the father of the 1911 Revolution. He is a hero to both Nationalists and Communists.
Although he had not trained for a political career in the traditional style, nonetheless Sun was ambitious and was like so many other Chinese who had studied beyond China’s borders,troubled by the way China clung to traditional ways under the conservative Qing Dynasty and suffered humiliation at the hands of more technologically advanced nations. It was his conviction that China had to have independence from both the corrupt Manchu monarchy and from foreign domination that guided much of his life in exile. He worked tirelessly to raise money for revolutionary groups, organise opposition movements and plan uprisings. More importantly, he had the ability to make others believe in his vision of justice and political freedom in an independent China.
There had been other revolutionaries who had attempted to other throw the Qing dynasty. Qiu Jin was a young revolutionary and feminist ...

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