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Martin Luther king Free essay! Download now

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Martin Luther king

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history about Martin Luther king


Martin Luther King
 Many of the exceptional leaders in the past have spent some time in detention centers due to their aspiration to transform the society. King is one of these leaders, who wrote an essay talking about the injustices in the society while addressing the church. In his essay, King states that he received an invitation to Birmingham. The existing governmental ties and the presence of discrimination resulted in his imprisonment . There is an association between communities since King deduced that what affects one community will affect the other. He discussed two types of laws and gave reference to several past figures to support his measures.
       King led many passive protests to prove that lack of integration went against societal impartiality and the spiritual practices of Americans . Birmingham was arguably the most isolated regions in the United States. King differentiates fair and unfair laws by explaining that a fair law is in harmony with existing ethical or saintly laws . Any convention that is out of synchronization with the expected and ethical law is known as unjust law. Laws which validate segregation and demean human self-esteem are regarded as unreasonable.
     An unjust is forced on people with less say and opinions by the empowered personalities in the society; however such laws are not followed by the latter group . A just law will be followed by both the majority and the marginal . Those laws, which are enacted, yet the marginal are denied the right to vote for or against them, are regarded as unfair laws. There are some laws which could be understood as fair and unfair upon relation to their formulation and application. This convinced King to go against some of the laws.
   King associated his behavior to those of biblical times when disciples traveled abroad to spread the gospel. He could not watch human privileges being violated in Birmingham . He referred to Socrates when he addressed productive tension which aids development. Socrates felt that creating anxiety in the brain is necessary to prevent people from being blinded by tradition, and think more creatively and critically analyze issues challenging the society. Creating tension which does not involve hostility enables human beings to embrace brotherhood and fight ethnic isolation .
   Segregation creates a feeling of inadequacy on those who are being discriminated against by affecting their personality negatively. Martin Buber stated that segregation degraded an individual to a simple object. King concludes from the Greek philosopher’s reaction that the vice is dishonest communally and politically . Paul Tilch related sin to division stating that segregation expressed the unpleasant drifting apart of humans.
The principles of an individual may lead to a counter-reaction against an unfair law . The willingness to ...

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