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Long term causes of World War I Free essay! Download now

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Long term causes of World War I

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Long term causes of World War I.
In this essay, the long term causes of World War I will be shown along with events that support it. World War I had no singular cause of its trigger. In fact multiple aspects could be argued that there were multiple aspects that triggered the war. The factors that caused the world war I include; militarism, nationalism, imperialism, the alliance system, and industrialization.
A solitary long term cause that helped trigger up the World War I was the jealousy and competition between Kaiser Welheim of Germany and King George V of Britain. Despite being cousins they competed with one another to be on the top. Superior to the other. At the time of moment, Germany and Britain were the greatest global influences worldwide. Britain ruled partially more than half of the spherical earth, nevertheless Germany were right behind, looking to improve and enlarge their empire. This meant that whichever country both countries ruled, they were compelled to get involved in the World War I to support their ‘World Owners’.
Another Trigger of the war was the assassination of the high, superior leader, Arch Franz Ferdinand. Arch Franz was shot by a gun in the progress of his parade in Bosnia. After this event, the Austrian residents became infuriated and decided to declare war with Serbia. This was a great and mind-blowing event as both countries were great neighbours to one another in the past. After hearing the news of the declaration, Germany got involved in the war as well. Sources show that Germany decided to carry out the ‘Schlieffen’ strategy. Germany then ought to attack and conquer Belgium in order to get to France as fast as they could.
However France somehow managed to find out that Germany were coming to France and of course this wasn’t a good idea for the French. So the French got equipped and began organising armies, forces, weapons and what not in order to stop the Germans. Britain and Russia also got involved because of the alliance system. This was one of the main and drastic events that caused the starting of World War I.
The cause of the World War I were the long term causes. Because all countries had made commitments and promises to one another. Which meant more than two countries had to be involved which made some countries become each other’s enemies. A solution to this commitment issue could’ve been to, not make the commitments and let the two countries deal with the issue on their own. This would’ve easily been solved between the two nations and no world war would’ve started.

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