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How important were the events of 1848 in the overthrow of Louis Philippe? Free essay! Download now

Home > A Level > History > How important were the events of 1848 in the overthrow of Louis Philippe?

How important were the events of 1848 in the overthrow of Louis Philippe?

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This essay examines the downfall of Louis Philippe ( France - The First Republic). It examines whether the events of 1848 was the main reason which contributed to the collapse of his regime, or were there long term and short term causes ( such as situations outside his control, and his actions).


1848 saw a series of blunders made by Louis Philippe which eventually built up to his downfall. 22nd February 1848 saw the start of the series of mistakes in the year. On this day Louis had misjudged the mood of his own country by using his government to ban the banquets and declare them illegal. This was because more extremist Republicans were using the banquets to acquire publicity for their cause and Louis was afraid that this may cause damage to his regime. The first sign of difficulties was when the National guards did not seem to be on Louis’ side. This would have indicated that Louis was slowly losing his right to rule as even the most loyal are starting to leave him. In addition, if Louis did not have a loyal army it is most likely that any civil disturbance will lead to the end of his reign. Therefore, this is the most important cause in 1848 of Louis’ downfall as it would be inevitable that a disturbance will happen due to the political instabilities in the country at this time.
As a result, Louis made more blunders through fear of his legacy being in danger. He dismissed Guizot (an opponent in the Assembly) to try to get rid of his opponents. Yet, his plan backfired on him.

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