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History DBQ

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When World War 1 ended in November of 1918 with the Treaty of Versailles, the whole world was in chaos. Most governments in Europe were being reformed, economies were fluctuating, and citizens of countries were starting to have less and less trust in their country. When the Treaty of Versailles was signed in June of 1919, the axis powers and Germany all suffered dearly. Besides the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was going through one of the worst inflations the world has ever experienced. German citizens had no trust in the Weimer Republic, and there weren’t very many people that were willing to step up and take control of the failing country, until Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party created a war machine that was willing to do anything for Germany to be as powerful as it once was. When WW1 was over, the Treaty of Versailles, the failing economy in Germany, and the amount of appeasement that was going on after Hitler gained control in Germany.
When all fighting in WW1 was stopped with the signing of an armistice on November 11th, 1918, the allied powers had to find a way to formally end the war. It was decided that the three main ally powers, Great Britain, France, and Italy were to write a document known as the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty put all of the blame of the war on Germany, and crumbled them as a country. The allies felt that the only way to weaken the force of Germany was to crumble their economy and crumble their military. Many allied military leaders were skeptical if the terms of the treaty were enough (Doc 15), but they were afraid that if they implied more things on Germany, the terms wouldn’t be accepted. They were required to reduce their military to 100,000 men and take full responsibility for the war (Doc 1). On top of that, they were forced to pay about $33 billion in war reparations split between the allied powers, and give up about 13% of the land that they had (Doc 4). Obviously, this angered the German citizens, who felt annoyed at the way the treaty was signed. It was known that the Weimer Republic was not a very strong government, due to all of the different political parties that were involved, but many people looked down on them after the treaty was signed. Most citizens wanted them out, even though they were threatened with more war if the treaty wasn’t signed (Doc 8), and that is exactly what happened. While that was going on, the Nazi party, led by Adolf Hitler, was gaining millions of people’s trust by promising to get their country ...

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