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The River Bollin Free essay! Download now

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The River Bollin

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The River Bollin essay previewThe River Bollin essay previewThe River Bollin essay preview


my geography coursework investigating the river Bollin along its course downstream


Investigating a river along its course
The River Bollin represents a changing physical landscape along its course


On the 21st June 2012, we set out to the River Bollin. The River Bollin is situated in North West England and is a major tributary of the River Mersey. It rises in Macclesfield forest, at the western end of the Peak District.
We were going to investigate 3 locations along the course of the river. At 9am, we left school on the mini-bus. Our aim was to investigate the characteristics of the River Bollin and its effects on the physical environment.

In groups, we collected primary data and information to investigate the following hypotheses;

The character and appearance of the River Bollin will change along the course downstream
The bed load of the river will decrease in size and angularity along its course downstream
The velocity and discharge of the river will change along its course downstream

The equipment we used consisted of 2 ranging poles, 4 clip boards, 1 tape measure, 1 metre ruler, 1 flow meter, 1 digital camera, 4 pencils, 1 clinometer, calipers and a metal chain.


River channel - the part of the river valley occupied by the water

Tributary - a stream that flows into a larger stream or body of water

Vertical/ lateral vertical erosion where the motion of the river erodes downwards creating a V shaped valley, lateral erosion is where the motion of the river erodes side ways creating a wider channel

Interlocking Spurs an interlocking spur is a natural feature, common in the upper course of the river, which is caused by vertical erosion.

Erosion where the river and bed load rub against the bed and sides of the channel causing the wear of rocks and soil

Hydraulic action the power of the volume of water moving within the river

Abrasion occurs when large rocks carried by the river hit the bed and banks which causes pieces to break off

Attrition when rocks carried by the river knock into one another causing bits to break off and reducing the size of the bed load

Solution is where soluble rocks such as chalk and limestone dissolve into the water as a form of erosion and transportation

Load - materials such as rocks and sand carried by the river

Transportation - the movement of sediment from one place to another caused by the flow of the river

Traction large rocks and boulders are rolled across the bed of the river because of the force of the water

Saltation small stones and grains of sand are bounced across the river bed as a means of transportation

Suspension - small material carried within the river channel

Solution a form of transportation ...

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