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The need for safe food Free essay! Download now

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The need for safe food

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A long time has passed since the significance of the quality and safety of the food could be determined based on its flavour or its general appearance, characteristics that are directly perceptible by the consumer. Today, traits such as the nutritious value of a foodstuff, the calories that it attributes and its microbiological safety constitute some of the additional elements that determine immediately not only the quality of the food but also the possibility of its adaptation along with the requirements of the consumers (Dillon and Griffith, 2001).


According to Shapton and Shapton (1998), access to cheap and abundant food is one of the major conquests of the developed world and the need to cover the continuously increasing alimentary needs led scientists to discover new methods of foods production. They go on to say the results were, on the one hand increased productivity, and on the other hand - in many cases - downgraded quality. Specifically, Mead et al (1999) supported that the modern conditions of production of foods, the use of pesticides and hormones, and the predominance, in some cases, of rising profit against rising quality created a significant number of new alimentary dangers. As said by Sheridan et al (1996), these facts lead sometimes to the production of foods of all sorts that were put in the markets without being sure that they were safe and healthful.

In the modern world, human foodborne diseases are regarded as one of the main problems and they are a main reason of economic deficit (Sheridan et al, 1996). Roberts (1999), states that disease related to food affects up to 14% of our population each year. According to Taylor (2001), in many countries, the majority of foodstuffs is produced by small businesses and for that reason the safety of their processes influences the safety of the whole food chain.

Safety according to Brown (2000) means creation of terms and conditions in all stages of the production process from the field and the stable to the table, in order for the final product to be safe and healthy for consumption. For example, he says the production process of animal products includes all the stages from the stock farming of animals in the stable (forages, veterinary medicines, water etc), the slaughter of animals or the collection of milk, depending on the productive direction, the treatment - transformation and standardisation up to the stage of consumption.

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