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Middle Class Woes Free essay! Download now

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Middle Class Woes

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Middle Class Woes essay previewMiddle Class Woes essay previewMiddle Class Woes essay preview


The economic woes of middle class Americans and how it affects the children of America


There is a popular saying; "Live to work, or work to live" In my opinion, us as Americans are the latter. The topic in which I have researched is "How does this mentality as a society affect the nationís children?" Furthermore, how our nationís children are being burden with the stresses of the working family. Our country has become an institution where the "All American Family" is no longer an "ideal" financial situation. There needs to be more assistance provided to working families that are barely making it, yet are making it enough to not qualify for aide.

Within this paper we will go over how the working family is no longer working for the family but working to survive in society. We will also go over how the family portions, specifically the children, are suffering in various ways. Moreover how the education of our nation's children is taking the largest hit with children no longer invested in their education and significantly weighed down by the burdens placed on their families solely to get by. According to published CNN Money article dated 10/14/11, the Average American middle class family earned roughly $49,445 in 2010. Citing NCLS.ORG; in October 2011, approximately 13.9 million workers are unemployed. However, long-term unemployed Americans who have been without work for 27 weeks or longer dropped slightly to 5.9 million. Based on these numbers, you could argue that the working family has gone from two working parents to one or even none. The average lower middle class family makes roughly $20,000-$30,000 annually. This is the category that my family falls into and I am beginning to learn that this is the actual norm in our society today. The unemployment rates are increasing, however the bills and responsibilities are not decreasing. This is causing millions of Americans across the countries and in various financial situations to begin to survive. This includes my family.

The US Census Bureau states that the average American household consists of 3.14 residents. Citizens who are working and are the sole provider for 3.14 or more people are finding themselves in a struggle to make it day to day. These struggles have created a situation where some providers work two to three jobs to try and make ends meet. Unfortunately, the average working family needs assistance but does not always qualify to receive these benefits.
The government plans that are offered are geared towards members of society that are living at poverty levels, not to help families that are barely making it. I personally make $15.00 hourly and take home (after taxes and insurance) $1100.00 a paycheck. I am considered lower middle class. I currently support myself and my husband (who ...

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