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Maldives Case Study


Case study
Tourists are reluctant to visit Maldives due to its uncertain political situation. The country’s economy has traditionally relied heavily on tourism industry with major inflows coming from Europe, the Pacific, North America and West Asia.
In the current scenario of political uncertainty, what are the possible ways in which the Tourism Ministry of Maldives could promote the country as a viable, safe and fun destination for tourists of all nationalities?
Create a branding and marketing strategy aimed at boosting tourism in Maldives with particular focus on innovative special events that can increase visibility. Please also suggest other steps that can benefit the country’s economy.

Maldives was ruled by Maumoon Gayoom for 30 years, the longest for any President in Asia. But protests in 2004 and 2005 led by Mohamed Nasheed, who recently resigned as the President of Maldives, culminated in major democratic reforms in the island country. Multi-party, multi-candidate elections were held on October 9, 2008, with five candidates running against President Gayoom. A runoff election between Gayoom and Nasheed resulted in a 54 percent majority for Nasheed and his Vice Presidential candidate Dr. Mohammed Waheed. Nasheed was a former journalist and a staunch critic of the Gayoom regime.
Nasheed and Dr. Waheed become the first President and Vice President to be elected by a multi-party democracy in the Maldives. Nasheed’s government brought in many reforms in the country and he received many international awards for his role in bringing democracy to the country. Despite political reforms, the Maldivian economy suffered immensely due to the 2004 tsunami, which caused serious damage in several islands. The 2008 financial crisis also deflated the Maldivian tourism industry, apart from increasing the food inflation. The political unrest in Algeria, Egypt and other countries of West Asia in 2011 reduced the number of tourist arrivals. Moreover, Maldives shares historical, cultural, regional and religious connections to the West Asian countries.

2012 resignation
On February 7, 2012 President Mohamed Nasheed resigned after weeks of protests against the arrest of Chief Justice of Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed. The Maldives Police also joined the protesters after refusing to fire on them and took over the state-owned television station switching the broadcast to opposition leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's call for people to come out to protest. The Maldives Army then clashed with police and other protesters who were with the police. The Chief Justice was released from detention after Nasheed resigned from his post. Vice President Mohammed Waheed Hassan Manik was sworn as the new President of Maldives.
Changing Brand Identity
In October 2011, Maldives changed its eleven-year-old logo and tagline from "Sunny Side of Life" to "Always Natural" to re-brand itself in the tourism industry. It features a swirl of animals that highlights the "unique ...

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