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Heritage Conservation in Hong Kong Free essay! Download now

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Heritage Conservation in Hong Kong

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HKSAR governments attitude towards heritage conservation



After taking an in-depth look into the current situation of heritage conservation by collection public opinions through questionnaires and doing several of researches, we can find out that the government has done only a little on protecting, conserving and revitalizing heritage of Hong Kong. This is stem from too much emphasis on the increase of economic boom in Hong Kong.
From the questionnaires that the general public response to, most of them have the same opinions as three of us. They do not think Hong Kong government has done a good job to protect and conserve the heritage in Hong Kong. This is due to economic development in Hong Kong is essential to make Hong Kong a prosperous and affluent city, government focus too much on the economy and neglect the heritage conservation in Hong Kong. At the same time, they think that the current selection criteria for heritage items are rather limited to take all of its values into consideration. If the selection criteria are not revised or broadened at once, more and more historical buildings or suchlike will be disqualified for conservation. Hence, we would lose opportunities for us to retain knowledge and memories of the previous ages as well as the opportunities for future generations to know how those before lived. What is more, take The Haw Par Mansion as an example, which the garden has become a part of Hong Kong people’s collective memory. Thus, that means the public prefer to put “collective memory” at the first importance and believe Hong Kong government should conserve such a private but not a public garden. Heritage conservation is really an essential and in paramount importance to deal with since many of the respondents expresses that Hong Kong government should strengthen its work on heritage conservation.
In an effort to enhance the effectiveness of government’s measures in heritage conservation, the government can turn the place with historical value into a tourist spot. Not only can this increase the income in Hong Kong, but the tourist industry and economic development can also be boomed as well. On the other hand, the government can swap the land. For example, the government can pay the owners of the places with historical value with a reasonable amount of money and request them to move to a new place. Thus, the places with historical value can be conserved and be a tourist spot as well.
To sum up, the general public has the same idea as us. The government should take initiatives to have heritage conservation in no time in a bid to preserve the collective memory of the citizens in Hong ...

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