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Fresh water Pollution study Free essay! Download now

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Fresh water Pollution study

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Fresh water Pollution study


Temperature, light, oxygen and Ph all tend to decrease with depth in direct contrast to carbon dioxide, nutrients and organic matter which increase with depth. In running water (streams and river) the dominant factor is the rate of current flow. Where water movement increases most animal population are fond attached to or sheltering understands on the bottom. All the environmental factors influence the species composition of different communities ad have resulted in adaption in those species. Most people have access to fresh water habitat.

Variable: variable is the two different site of river mole which is stepping stones and swan forth farm.
The factor affects the fresh water invertebrate distribution and abundance:
• Predators
• Flow arte
• Light
• Dissolve O2
• Disease
• Completion
• River bed Substrate
• Prey
• Water pH
• Shelter
• Pollutant
• Human activity
• Epic Litchi algae
• Weather
• Vegetation
• Depth
• Temperature
• Detritus.
Controlled variable:
Kick sampling technique, temperature of water in c, pH is it Acidity or alkaline Flow rate, dissolved O2 in mg dm 3, nitrate Ion concentration mg dm-3

What is Pollution?
It is a Contamination of the environment to the extent that existing habitat are threatened or population if organism are endangered

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