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What is life like without the internet? Free essay! Download now

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What is life like without the internet?

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Downloads to date: N/A | Words: 709 | Submitted: 06-Aug-2011
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What is life like without the internet? essay previewWhat is life like without the internet? essay preview


What is life like without the internet?


A life without internet.
I can't imagine, myself, living in this century, without the internet.
The internet, the globalization of virtual world has been very dear to my heart.
It has been my source of information.
It has been my source of inspiration.
And it has been one of my best channel of socialization.

So, first, when talking about globalization.
What comes first to our mind?
As for me, I think about it as a world without borders.
There is no boundary for information, to be specific.
As such, is why I can't live without the internet.
And by being disconnected with the virtual world of internet,
made me realize how much internet was so important to me.
Thus, it's true when people says.
"You want something when you can't have it,
But when it's in front of you, you take it for granted."

So, why internet has been so meaningful to me?
1. A channel for socialization
As a teenager, whose becoming an adult, I believe a social environment is very crucial to create a mature personality. And communication through social websites such as Facebook and Twitter is a necessary. Using such channels, things that are far apart, the gaps could be reduce with just a "status" or a "tweet". By this means of actions, people could communicate and socialize without having to see each other, in-person. And sometimes, we could also express things that lies deep within us that we couldn't say to people who are close to us. Just by socializing in the virtual world of internet.

Haven't use this channel. [source]
2. A source of entertainment
At home, I don't watch TV too often. Most of the times, my one and only source of entertainment comes from the internet. The place where I downloaded most of my english series and mp3 songs. Whenever a new episode comes out, the internet never let me down. Or whenever there is a new song that I likes, I goes to the internet and download. Besides, that's where I kept myself updated to new hot stuff that goes on around the world.

3. A library of information
Without borders, you don't have to travel far just to get new information. You name it, what info do you want. It's all in there. The internet. Just google or yahoo search, I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for. It's instant and fast. But beware, sometimes the information might be wrong. It might be false statements. That's why, just in case it wasn't enough, then, you'll need to go to an actual library. So, don't forget about the books!!!

There is no way I'm going to read all those just to get what I want. [source]

4. An experience like no other
Nowadays, there were so many TV shows in streaming websites. This indicates that without ...

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