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we should cherish our children the freedom of thinking Free essay! Download now

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we should cherish our children the freedom of thinking

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we should cherish our children the freedom of thinking essay previewwe should cherish our children the freedom of thinking essay preview


its all about freedom of thinking,the ability of children been able to pull out the knowledge saved in everyones head.....


American’s who remember the ‘good old days, are not alone in complaining about the educational system in the country, more people are trying to figure problems out, However according to Kie Ho, he said immigrant too complain, in other words I go by his points and reason with also his examples.
Starting with what he mentioned in the book, he said lately he heard a polish refugee expressed his feelings in distress that his daughter’s high school has not taught her the difference between Belgrade and Prague, that is he is trying to express his feeling to him, that he has no idea why his daughter cant differentiate between Belgrade and Prague, so if that? What is she taught at the school, or does that mean after teaching her the basics, and so called innovations, there is no any other chance for to learn anything different from the class or she has no chance to advance her brain and knowledge to know about things concerning her life, then if that’s the case then the educational system is poor or is having problem.
Also he added an example that when he was 12 in Indonesia , where the education followed the Dutch system, he had to memorized the names of all the world cities from Kabul to Karachi, at the same age with his son but who was brought up a Californian, thought that Buenos Aire was Spanish name for good food on a plate of tacos and burritos, because she didn’t learn it from the school, all she was taught was some basics and sort of innovations, she is not acquiring know knowledge but building it, so tell me how can you build without tools, because the basic point about earning education is learn, know and apply then practice, so how can you know when not taught, for instant let them teach something else not from the basics or even allow the student to have a free moment of conversation with doctors, atleast they with explore their brains perhaps they will come up with something magnificent and good.
He continued mentioning that, there is no doubt American education does not meet the high standard in such basics skill like mathematics and languages, which he gave an example and he said, if we realized that our youngsters are ignorant of latin, put Mussolini in the same category as Dostoevski, cannot recite the periodic table by heart, that is still there is lack of complete ...

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