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Top Girls - What is the dramatic importance of the extract? Free essay! Download now

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Top Girls - What is the dramatic importance of the extract?

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Discusses an extract that focusses on Dull Gret in the main.


Throughout the first Act Gret contributes little to the fluent conversation of the other characters and reveals information about herself only through simple, one word declarations such as “Balls” and “cake”. It is not so much the choice of words used by Gret that show her character but rather the very fact that she doesn’t speak often that reveals aspects of her character to the audience. It is clear that she is perhaps not as eloquent as the others and is very simple in her lifestyle and expression, which is reflected in her speech. Because Gret says very little to begin with, it could be suggested that, when contrasted with her agitated and vengeful speech, her silence builds tension and adds drama and animation to the scene. Her silence also adds tension because it could appear that she is so consumed in her terrible experiences that she is reluctant to speak at first but then culminates in an outburst towards the end of this particular section.

In this extract or speech Gret expresses a large amount about her feelings and background. The contrast between her previous blunt contributions and her lengthy speech about herself in itself has a dramatic effect. The change in Gret’s input alters the audience’s perception of the character and the contrast draws attention to Gret’s descriptions. The extract is dramatic because it is the first time the audience is allowed to hear her story as previously she had been almost excluded from the conversation by the other somewhat loquacious characters.

When Gret finally begins to open up to the group, “we come into hell”, the others suddenly take interest and Isabella even tells everybody to “listen”, which draws the audience’s attention to dull Gret and eliminates all other distractions.

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