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The Autobiography of a Chef Free essay! Download now

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The Autobiography of a Chef

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The essay is the autobiography of a Chef including his experiences at college and at work when he got hired by different hotels. An interesting journey into an altogether different world.


As the dawn breaks the beginning of a new day gives the ever so serene feeling that accompanies me all the day, which is that I am a chef. I had been doing the job of a Chef as long as twenty years. The whole experience has been mind-boggling for me. It has taken a lot of hard work combined with a strong will and strength of character to reach the position where I stand at present. It is not easy to become a head chef in one of the societies’ most prestigious hotel. From where I stand, all the previous hardships which I faced during the studies, while I was in a learning stage, the years spent working as a junior chef in a roadside restaurant, and last but not the least finding the golden opportunity to work in a five-star and then a seven-star hotel seem to have paid. The ongoing challenge of catering the best to anyone and everyone has reinforced my personality and skills. With the passage of time I had come forward as a better and a well groomed person, taking into consideration the professional as well as the personal self. At the end of the day I am contented with what I am doing and how well I have done.

Everyday holds the quality of a secret to me as I am only a little aware of what is going to differentiate today from yesterday and it is this feeling which keeps me perked up all day. The environment of a hotel kitchen is entirely different from that of plush offices in world renowned organizations, but it is as exciting as working on the edge of one’s seat to meet all the appointments which are due on one. The energy level is at its extreme when the peak time arrives which happens to be the lunch hour extending till dinner. The customers always look forward to the best from you and there is little space for error. Usually the season’s best considered dishes are ordered to counteract the weather and are enjoyed to the utmost. And then there are the chef’s specialties which sell like hot cakes. On some occasions those dishes are ordered which were almost forgotten but the order revives them to the present list of most liked dishes. In this way the activity goes on until the closing time arrives and everyone leaves for home.

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