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Should we need a licence to parent? Free essay! Download now

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Should we need a licence to parent?

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This essay discusses a point of view on the requirements of a parenting licence in our society


Expository Essay: Should we need a license in order to be a parent?
When was the last time you saw a parent who was not fit for the job as being a parent? According to Janice Turner, a journalist for the Toronto Star wants to come to the bottom of this dispute in her article "Should we need a license to be a parent?" Now a day's licenses are needed to do almost everything that requires an individual to take course to ensure the safety of others such as; driving and hunting. Having a license for parenting is an excellent idea, and should be incorporated in our legal system because children need safety too. There are multiple occasions of parents leaving children unattended or receiving informal care in the media. That is why our legal systems should step in and enforce a law that requires single and dual parents to take courses that teach the basics of childcare.
Being a parent is not an easy job. There are many things to learn before a child is born, rather it is how hold the baby, how to change a diaper or know when he/she is hungry. There is much to know when taking the responsibility of being a parent. Most experienced parents with two or more children could tell you that being a parent takes years of practice. Incorporating a license to parenting would be extremely beneficial to ensure that all parents, by law, are ready for their child before they are even born. This would reduce child neglect and child malnutrition. It would also help single mothers or fathers to learn the necessary necessities of taking care of children. A parenting license could also be incorporated in welfare so that people who get pregnant on purpose to receive more welfare money to ride the systems, will first need a parenting license to do so. Incorporating this license would require parents to take mandatory testing before receiving their increased welfare check. Many people may see this as intruding by the government however, if you really care about your child then taking the mandatory courses to get your license would also benefit you as parent even further. These new laws strengths, strongly out way the weaknesses it may bring to our society. Governments should in force parent license to help keep children safe.
Overall, our government to help prevent child related issues should enforce parenting licenses. This new license will ensure that future new parents will be ready to take care of their children by government standards. Parents who have this license can be trusted by Children's Aid for the security of their children. This license will prevent "welfare riders" from having many children to ...

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