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Progress: a burden or a bonus Free essay! Download now

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Progress: a burden or a bonus

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Progress: a burden or a bonus essay preview


Progress: a burden or a bonus


Progress: a burden or a bonus
Today’s topic is “Progress: A Burden or A Bonus”. What is the definition of progress? I think progress is the development of something towards a higher or better stage. However, have you ever thought about whether progress is a burden or a bonus? You may be confused by the question because you may have different answers if you view the matter in different ways.
In recent years, more and more construction companies construct many up-market residential zones. For the architecture, this is a progress in the design and techniques in constructing buildings. Because of the progression, residents can have a better living environment; the construction company can earn a larger profit and our society can have a higher potential to attract more overseas investments. In this case, progress is a bonus.
However, is it really a bonus for our citizens? Because of the increasing up-market residential zone, the prices of flats increase at a very fast rate. In fact, most of the residents cannot afford a private flat. They need to rent the flats but the rent takes up nearly 50 percent of their total salaries. Can they really afford to buy a flat of their own? In this situation, progress becomes a burden for them.
As the society and the economy continue to progress, resident’s expectations about their own lives also increase. They are looking forwards to a high living standard. People tend to resort to materialism. As a result, there is a progress in technology. The development of the technology can lead to advancement in every aspect of lives and makes everything easier and quicker. Moreover the development of technology can increase our competitiveness and encourage the development of industry. So people can have more job opportunities. Therefore, progress is a bonus.

All in all, progress may be a burden or a bonus. There is no absolute answer. We should look into the matter from different perspectives and you can find different answers.

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