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Personal responsibilty to college success Free essay! Download now

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Personal responsibilty to college success

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Personal responsibilty to college success essay previewPersonal responsibilty to college success essay previewPersonal responsibilty to college success essay preview


Personal responsibility to college success


Personal responsibility to college success

What I am going to speak of in this essay is how personal responsibility will help me lead to a better chance to succeed in my college career. Even though I failed before, my personal responsibility for my own actions could lead me to college success and a degree to help me and my family live a better life. Some of the reasons I will use to support this, is a degree will help you succeed and possibly make you more money, I will also hold myself more accountable for my own actions and why my responsibilities will set me up for my own success. When I am done here I think you will either want to finish college or do some research yourself to see if it is beneficial to you.

The definition of Personal Responsibility Personal responsibility can be “defined as taking responsibility for one’s actions, including accepting the consequences of those actions. Responsibility is important to all learning and developing (Turning Teaching into Learning: The Role of Student Responsibility in the Collegiate Experience)”. What this all means to me is in my terms is holding oneself accountable for their actions and not putting the blame on no one else in their life such as their family, teachers or anyone else that is a factor in their life. If I can believe in myself I can do anything I want using the tools in have received in my lifetime and in this class that I have learned. Some of the tools I will need to do this is using my time efficiently to read, take notes, and communicate well with others to succeed in my college career this time around.

By me achieving my goal of finally earning my degree can lead to a more profitable life and an easier time finding a job in the field I want to be in. You always hear people say that a college degree will make it easier to achieve your goals, such as a good job you like and earning the money you want to make to live comfortable for you and your family. I have read different articles all over the internet including one by Jim McKay referring to Chuck Jirik saying "On the average, college graduates do earn substantially more than all workers". He give percentages and other facts in this article to make you believe him and give you some confidence to finish school and to do better in school. I have always thought other students in college were just saying that college is worth it but I never really cared or believed this. Now that I am ...

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