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patch adam film review Free essay! Download now

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patch adam film review

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patch adam film review essay previewpatch adam film review essay preview


is about the issues that highlighted through the film "Patch Adam"


In a matter of fact, Patch Adams is a 1998 comedy-drama film which is directed by Tom Shadyac. It depicts the true life story of Dr. Hunter Patch Adams, a medical doctor who became renowned of his unconventional approach to medicine and his philosophy of treating patients through humor and compassion. He broke through the stereotypes and proved that doctor’s obligation was not merely treating the patients physically but also at the same time mentally. So, that was one of the issues which Patch Adams intended to highlight through this film.
In the beginning of the plot of this film, after attempting suicide, Adam checked himself into a mental infirmary, where he was bonded with some of the patients there. One night, after helping his roommate who suffered a bit of mental problem, he discovered that lending a generous hand to the others could effectively help him to forget his personal problem. That event was indeed a turning point of his entire life. He was then inspired to become a physician as being a physician, he could have the opportunity to have a close contact with the patients, deal with them and help them with all of his heart.
Later, Adam enrolled at Virginia Medical University as the oldest first-year student who always questioned the school’s approach to medical care. This leaded to a clash between him and Dean Walcott who simply believed that doctors should distance themselves with patients. The conflict between two of them in the movie actually tried to express one crucial issue: Doctors are not merely “doctors” but virtually “friends” to the patients. Doctors themselves should aware that they are not the superior ones in the ward that they can just simply treat the patients without cater for their needs and feelings. For instance, the bulk of the doctors just name the patients who are confined to the beds in the ward according to the number of beds but not to their names. This kind of act just like an arrow piercing through the patients’ heart as they feel that their rights of being an ordinary human with a proper name are overlooked. More appalling is that in some cases, some of the doctors even simply prescribe medicine to the patients without further asking about the symptoms of their illness and caring about their mental needs. In this movie, Adams cared much more of the patients’ mental needs as he deeply believed that treatment was not aimed at prevention of death but to improve the quality of patients’ ...

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