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Overlooked and Undervalued

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Overlooked and Undervalued essay previewOverlooked and Undervalued essay previewOverlooked and Undervalued essay preview


Feminism shown towards women


Overlooked and Undervalued

Throughout the words of the story by Carol Shields, Mrs. Turner Cutting the Grass, the theme and argument that women and undervalued and overlooked is prominent. This theme that is running throughout the story is shown when Mrs. Turner is judged on her appearance, when she is judged on how she cuts her grass, and by the inner thoughts of a man’s outlook on a group of women. The instances within the story that will be discussed will help to prove that the theme that women are undervalued and overlooked generally in society.

“High school girls on their way home in the afternoon see Mrs. Turner cutting her grass and are mildly, momentarily repelled by the lapped, striated flesh on her upper thighs.” (Shields 30). Through the given quote it is plain to see that the high school girls are under-valuing Mrs. Turner by the way that she appears. The girls are judging Ms. Turner aesthetically, rather than on things that have importance, such as health. “It makes them queasy; it makes them fear for their future,” (Shields 30) think the girls. This once again gives us a clear indication of the importance that is put on aesthetics in society and how that if one is not able to live up to expectations that are set in place, they are unvalued and overlooked.

In society women are generally overlooked and undervalued if they do not fit into the small box that our society has made for them. As Mrs. Turner is busy doing her grass, she is being judged by the neighbors because of what she is doing to her grass. “Roy is far more concerned about the Killex that Mrs. Turner dumps on her dandelions.” (Shields 29) The previous quote is one that solely proves that Roy is upset with Mrs. Turner because of what she does to her lawn. He continues with his thoughts when it is said that “he and Sally so far have said nothing to Mrs. Turner about her abuse of the planet because they’re hoping shell go into an old folks home soon or maybe die, and then all will proceed as it should.” (Shields 30) This is showing that both spouses that live near Mrs. Turner have completely undervalued Mrs. Turner because of what she is doing to her own lawn. They undervalue her so much that they hope for her death. It is clearly shown through the given examples that Mrs. Turner is undervalued and under minded because of her actions.

Finally, the authors theme that women are overlooked and undervalued comes to an obvious points when a ...

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