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Nature in Coleridge and Wordsworth Free essay! Download now

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Nature in Coleridge and Wordsworth

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Nature in Coleridge and Wordsworth essay previewNature in Coleridge and Wordsworth essay previewNature in Coleridge and Wordsworth essay preview


difference in how they view nature


1. Caedmon’s Hymn theme & literary device

Theme : genesis, admire god of his wonders, Christian doctrine involved
Kenning(metaphor-characteristic within, euphemism-negative and positive): two words combined ?word play, riddles
-heofonries, modgethanc, wuldorfaeder, middangeard
Appositive style= variation
-meotodes, weard, Drihten, Wuldorfaeder, Scyppend, frea
Epithet : describes adjective clause (characteristics)
Alliteration : h, m , w repeated
-apt artful aid alliteration

2. Beowulf and heroism

Heroism- glory, commitment, revenge based ideal, risk life for the society the warrior is in, being lofty, glory’s eternal existence is more important than soul’s eternity unlike Christian doctrine, word should equal action, plunder and invasion is justified, shame culture, martialism
Beowulf- epic tale

3. The Wanderer, elegy, comitatus

Elegy- deals with short lived secular worldly values, loss, emptiness, skeptic view, leads to spiritual awakening
The Wanderer- describes a warrior who’s comitatus is destroyed become a pilgrim and his journey to spiritual awakening, two stages, examine the past values which contrast with the spiritual value he recognize, moral guidance, fleeting (borrowed from heaven), narrator changes
Comitatus- based on gift giving, heroism based society with king or lord, commercial exchange treasure and service, lord shows generosity publicly in during banquet and feasting in mead hall, public is the witness, propaganda, lord secure economic situation (gold-friend, gift giver, gold distributor) and warrior guarantees royalty and the safety of lord
Literary device : rhetorical questions, ubi-sunt

4. Canterbury Tales ?? & ??

April showers sweet with fruit has pierced the drought of March to the roots.
April shower wet every sap-duct with its sweet liquor.
April shower is the life power to flowers.
West wind breezed through giving life to tender (croppes) sprouts and shoots in every grove and field.
The young sun ran through half of the Ram stage.
Small birds sing and mate all through the night.
Nature pricks bird’s heart.
(Then) Thanne folks long to go on pilgrimage.
Pilgrims seek for strange (land, foreign shores) strands, faraway (shrines) halwes, known in various lands.
They come from corners of England and travel to Canterbury, seeking for holy and blissful martyr, who had helped them on when they needed him.
In a season, on that day, in Southwerk, at an inn called Tabard I laid ready to start my pilgrimage to Canterbury with full devoted courage.
At night in the inn, 29 various people came together became friends and they were all pilgrims.
??: genesis ??, 4???, iambic pentameter ?? ??, couplet ??, alliteration ?? ? ?, Before Chaucer starts his pilgrimage, he describes the season and surroundings. After that he moves on to explaining how the companions met.

5. King Alfred’s achievements, the origins of Old English, the development of Standard English, the background of Middle English

Old English- Iberians (no influence), Celts (natives, place names), Latin (Rome conquered England 4C, internal and external conflicts, return to Rome, Angles, Saxons, ...

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