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mr wilsons beard Free essay! Download now

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mr wilsons beard

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mr wilsons beard essay previewmr wilsons beard essay previewmr wilsons beard essay preview


story about my teacher


The Epic Tale of Mr. Wilsons Beard

There once was a lit teacher by the name of Mr. Wilson who taught in a little High School in the town of Cinnaminson. Cinnaminson was just like any other town. It had its own little police station, little library, but brand new ShopRite that everyone has come to love.
Being a literature teacher, Mr. Wilson decided to take his students on a field trip to ShopRite where they would interview all the different workers and gather enough information to write a report.
Mr. Wilson and his students followed the tour guide all over Shoprite interviewing everyone from janitors to executives. They had one more stop on the agenda before departing.
As they were all walking to the final room Mr. Wilson noticed a sign on the door with a skull and crossbones, but he casually shrugged his shoulders and moved along. In this mysterious room one of his students thought it would be a fantastic idea to trip Mr. Wilson. The boy devised a plan and executed it with utmost precision. Down went Mr. Wilson in what looked to be a slow motion tumble. When he hit the ground his face fell right into a pool of glowing green goop. He rose up and looked at the tour guide who convinced him it was nothing, but Mr. Wilson could see the wiriness in his face.
The next morning began like any other, until he went into the bathroom to comb his voluptuous beard. When he looked in the mirror he was shocked to discover that his beard had grown three times in length and had a mysterious glow to it. As shocked as he was he had no time to deal with it. He got changed and went to school to do what he loves best, teach.
He walked into his first period class to twenty two gasps of fear! Mr. Wilson reassured the class that everything was ok. One student in particular, Slade Barrett, could not get passed the fact that Mr. Wilsons beard was now 3 feet long. He continually cracked jokes about the length of the beard. When Mr. Wilson overheard this his rage grew. He went to reprimand Slade but when he went over to his desk his beard grew longer and rose up into arms! The beard then struck Slade in the face. The blow was so strong that it threw Slade into the wall. Everyone screamed in terror! This caught the attention of the principal who had been walking down the hall. The principal slammed open the door to see Slade crying in the corner and Mr. Wilson's beard in the shape of fists. He then uttered the words that ...

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