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[Is uncensored press dangerous] Free essay! Download now

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[Is uncensored press dangerous]

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[Is uncensored press dangerous] essay preview[Is uncensored press dangerous] essay preview[Is uncensored press dangerous] essay preview


[Is uncensored press dangerous]


Assess the claim that an uncensored press is dangerous.
An uncensored press has numerous benefits including the role it plays in education, awareness and protecting the rights of people. However, sometimes an uncensored press can be dangerous which is when expurgation might be necessary like in the case of child pornography. Yet in most situations, the benefits of a free press far outweigh the potential harm it can cause .Thus, even though an uncensored press can be harmful in a few circumstances, in most cases, it is not dangerous.
An uncensored press is not dangerous to a democracy; in fact, it’s a very essential organ of it, which is why it’s often referred to as the fourth estate of this system. The press plays a watchdog role in a democracy- it scrutinizes everything that happens in the government, corporations and society at large. Through this, it makes government and other institutions accountable to people by bringing out their shortcomings and even failures such as human rights abuses, mismanagement and corruption. For example, numerous war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan Government during the final phase of their war with the Tamil Tigers were brought to notice of the International Community through media. Similarly, other issues such as atrocities of the US invasion of Iraq and Human rights abuses in China in the state’s attempts to quell uprisings such as the Tiananmen Square demonstrations, ‘Free- Tibet’ protests and the Uighur movement have all been brought to light by the media. Another reason why an uncensored press is important in a democracy is that it provides a platform for people with dissenting views to express themselves. Thus, free press allows an unrestricted exchange of ideas and opinions in a democracy, which is important as this helps in bringing much required changes in society. To take an example, notions of Women Rights and Gay rights were ideas endorsed by a minority of people at one time, not only that, both them were deemed blasphemous by the church as well as other religious institutions. However, through the media, people who believed in these ideas got a platform to express their views on these issues. Since their views were legitimate, more people joined these movements, which is why today both of these are recognized as fundamental human rights in many countries.
There is no danger in the role an uncensored press plays in education. What free media does, essentially, is enhance the knowledge of individuals by informing people about a broad range issues. The whole point of doing this is to benefit society in multifarious ways: in context of Nepal, by bringing out issues about minority groups such as Dalits and Janatis, the media promotes equality between various ...

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