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Is critical thinking important for study at Australian universities? Free essay! Download now

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Is critical thinking important for study at Australian universities?

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Is critical thinking important for study at Australian universities? essay previewIs critical thinking important for study at Australian universities? essay preview


reasons why critical thinking is important


Is Critical Thinking Important For Study At Australian University?

Recently, a heat topic on whether critical thinking important for study has brought into focus. The attitude towards it varies from person to person. Nevertheless, it is significant for a student to form critical thinking while studying at university. Generally, the merits of critical thinking can be seen as follows.

For one thing, critical thinking is conducive for students to cultivate the team spirit. It happens frequently that people have different views upon certain thing, for they have different knowledge backgrounds as well as ways of thinking. It is not a wise decision to totally neglect others perspectives. A quarrel may be triggered by the negligence. What’s worse, it may exert negative effect on dealing with the relationship between students. To surmount this problem, critical thinking seems to be an effective way. It helps students take the essence and discard the dregs from others’ point of view. To some extent, the primary step of group study is to listen to different voices and to accept the merits. Therefore, the fiction between the teammates can be minimized through the help of way of critical thinking. Team spirit is being shaped.

For another, critical thinking is a means for students to have a better understanding of a certain research. Generally, individual perspective is always narrow and limited which may result in bias. Prejudice may lead to misapprehension about the research which could reduce students’ interest in keeping on the research. It is indispensable for people to use critical thinking to consider every aspects of the research so as to reach a relatively precise conclusion. Only in this way can students’ zealous of researching be outburst.

Moreover, planning study also calls for critical thinking. Making study plan is an essential schedule for university student because it counts a lot in their achievements. Studying without a plan just like sailing without a compass. It seems dangerous because it just like sailors can easily be lost at sea without guidance. So, a plan for study is of significant importance if students want to perform well in study. However, only when the plan is prepared in a critical thinking way can it be effective. Since, people seldom realize their own shortcoming initially, but critical thinking can help them sort out their merits and demerits, and by this way, the plan can be more effective in discarding the demerits of each own. So, critical thinking is an ingredient of study plan, or else, study plan is just an ineffective compass for students
From what have mentioned above, it can be safely drew the conclusion that critical thinking is of great importance for university students in terms of studying. Only in this way ...

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