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How is a relationship with God prevalent in Volpone Free essay! Download now

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How is a relationship with God prevalent in Volpone

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How is a relationship with God prevalent in Volpone essay preview


Informs how the relationship with God is negatively portrayed in Volpone


A relationship with God is prevalent in both novels portraying God as indifferent through the imagery portrayed by both authors. Jonson’s volpone and Blake’s songs of innocence and experience have several links with religion and correlate a negative relationship with God. In literature God is described as omnipotent and benevolent whereas the two novels undermine him for being such a powerful figure. In Volpone, Jonson uses blasphemy to represent God and wealth takes priority over God. Whereas Blake uses ‘Chimney Sweeper’ to show that the child had a forced relationship with God which was brought upon him by his parents. Both novels have hidden religion symbolic meanings to highlight their relationship with God.
Both novels depict a negative relationship with God; this could be the author’s viewpoint on God as they are expressing it through the characters/narrators in the novels. Volpone often uses complicated imagery and was labelled as ‘immoral, contemptible and blasphemous. This is evident when +
+Jonson states that “even hell is made worth heaven”; this highlights the blasphemy used as he explicitly declares that gold is worth more than God. Jonson’s blasphemous nature within Volpone would have stunned an audience of the seventeenth century as it would be absurd, as opposed to the modern audience where it would have a lot less impact.
However, In contrast; Blake takes an opposite approach to Jonson through presenting relationships with God. Blake rejected the concept of a God being true. Instead, he focuses primarily on the presence of Christ’s Holy Spirit as a principle of each person’s inner life. However in the “Chimney Sweeper” (Songs of Exp) there is some religious imagery which reference to God and his priest “who make up a hell of our misery”. This line implicates God and the church in his suffering. Earlier on in the poem he states that “they clothed me in the clothes of death and taught me to sing the notes of woe” this implies that it is a forced relationship with God brought upon him by his parents. The narrator acts as a mouthpiece for Blake as these are his true personal opinions on God and religion.
The relationship with God is presented in different ways, the use of religious imagery in both novels in order to convey a distortion of values; the resemblance between the characters in both novels enjoy pleasure and happiness from deceiving others rather than the end product of those deceptions. This is evident in Volpone where he values gold over everything; he even makes the mistake of saying “gold” instead of “god”. Meanwhile in Songs of Innocence and Experience, redemption is used as Blake often refers to Jesus Christ, he emphasizes that Christ “became ...

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