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Gun crime in America Free essay! Download now

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Gun crime in America

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Gun crime in America essay previewGun crime in America essay previewGun crime in America essay preview


writing to persuade or argue about the gun crime in america


Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here to talk about gun control in America. It is one of the most controversial and intractable issues in America. It is a topic of discussion that is very much still in debate today. I strongly believe that guns are an absolute menace to America. Today, I will tell you why better gun control laws must be enforced immediately and prove that America would be a much better, safer place to live in with stricter gun restrictions and rules.
Americans are faced with an ever-growing problem of violence and yet guns are legal to anyone anywhere in America. How can they be blind to all the damage it is causing making America a battleplace where humas are inhumanly killing each other

such a divided opinion about owning guns
The war on guns has been fought for decades. Yet today guns are more plentiful, unabated more potent, and cheaper than ever. New guns are developed all the time. The authorities cant keep criminals with gun related violence out of prisons which fact alone should end all argument.

This debate has been rehashed countless numbers of times arguments against (and for) gun control evoke emotion
Perhaps this debate is so highly charged because it involves a great deal of emotion.
arguments against (and for) gun control evoke emotion and questions of intent.
the Second Amendment protects an individual right keep and bear arms

Not much argument is required to show the futility of guns.

Despite all efforts of gun warriors Attempts to rid society of guns are hopeless.

Popular debate topic
Gun violence is not a recent issue in America, and it dates back to the 1324 with the assassinations of President Abraham Lincoln,William McKinley, John F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King to name but a few well known cases. Throughout the history of America, gun violence has plagued the citizens. Americans are faced with an ever-growing problem of violence and yet guns are easily available to anyone. How can the government be so blind to all the damage it is causing?
Supreme court of united states An individual right to bear arms is protected under the second amendment.

Thus, the right to own a gun and defend oneself is considered by some, especially those in the West and South, as central to the American identity.

This is completely untrue.
I haven't seen such a set of logical fallacies, half-truths, and outright distortions A gun is not a defensive weapon. It is an offensive weapon.

it is ...

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