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Grandfather tells a story Free essay! Download now

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Grandfather tells a story

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Grandfather tells a story essay previewGrandfather tells a story essay previewGrandfather tells a story essay preview


Title is self explanatory


Grandfather Tells a story

Tell us a story, grandfather," said little Zahra. "oh yes, please tell us a story" claimed the other children. It was dull cold evening, and they were all sitting round the grandfather and beside the palm tree.
" I don't know any story," said grandfather. "oh, grandfather, you do!" cried Zahra. "there's that one about the girl who married the snake, or the one about the tortoise and the crocodile. You know lots of stories. You're just pretending!" Come here, little madam!" said grandfather, and he seized Zahra by the arm and pretended to beat her. "do you know what. I'do, with naughty rude girls like you? I put them in a drum, and every time I beat the drum they have to sing me a tune." All the children laughed. "But that's impossible, grandfather. How can you put anyone inside a drum?" "You, think it can't be done?" Said grandfather. "Well I know a little girl who was put into a drum by a magician, and her name was Zahra, too!"
At this point the old man took a cup of coffee and the children knew at once that he was going to tell them a story after all. He probably intended to tell one all the time, but he liked to be persuaded. So they settled themselves in comfortable position and waited for the story to begin.
"Yes, it happened a long time ago. You see, this girl Zahra had gone with her friends to the sea for a swim, and on the way home she discovered she had left her left her ring behind . 'Oh!' she said. "I've forgotten my ring. I must go back for it.' Grandfather imitated the sound of a little girl's voice as he said this- he could imitate every kind of person or animal you can think of, and that was why the children were so fond of listening to him.
"Well, the other little girls wouldn't go back to the sea with her, so she went back all by herself. And just near the sea the wicked magician saw her."
The little circle of faces seemed to draw closer, and Zahra, the real Zahra, started at her grandfather with eye full of terror.
"where are you going, little girl?' said the magician.
'I'm going to the seashore to fetch my ring.'
'Come closer, I can't hear you', said the magician.
So Zahra come closer and closer and in the end the magician caught her and put her in this drum."
Grandfather paused to pour some more coffee in ...

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