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Fitzgerald views on america Free essay! Download now

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Fitzgerald views on america

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Great Gatsby - Fitzgerald views on american society in 1920's


“Out of what might have been a wonderland, we have created a wasteland.” Discuss Fitzgerald’s vision of America in The Great Gatsby.
Fitzgerald’s portrayal of 1920’s America in The Great Gatsby is of a corrupt and selfish society. He highlights how characters often base their lifestyle around money and don’t care about anything else. It is also emphasise how the money made in the novel, is often by illegal terms. However, there are some parts of the novel which disagree with this statement, such as the character of Nick Carraway.
In the 1920’s, materialism and consumerism controlled everything and everyone. This is conveyed through nearly every character in the novel as they are extremely superficial and build themselves a position in society through how much money they possessed. An example of this is Jay Gatsby. He changed his name from ‘James Gatz’ to Jay Gatsby to fit into the society he wanted to live in. He also uses his wealth in an attempt to impress and win back Daisy Buchanan. Walt Whitman disliked the way Americans in the 1920’s always wanted to change what they were and what they had. However, this is one of the main ideas in The Great Gatsby.
It seems that the only character in the novel who isn’t corrupt and selfish is Nick Carraway. He is the narrator of the story and is seen by many people as the protagonist. If the protagonist of the novel isn’t corrupt and selfish, Fitzgerald may be trying to say that only parts of American society are.
Overall, the clearest view that Fitzgerald seems to have about America is of a corrupted and selfish society but is aware that this doesn’t apply to every American citizen, as his character Nick Carraway shows.

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