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Explain why overseas study at Australian universities is popular Free essay! Download now

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Explain why overseas study at Australian universities is popular

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Explain why overseas study at Australian universities is popular essay previewExplain why overseas study at Australian universities is popular essay preview


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Explain why overseas study at Australian universities is popular

Nowadays, Australian universities have become more popular in the international arena and are the crowd favourite for overseas study especially among Asians. For that, the term "overseas study" in this essay refers to the tertiary education in Australian universities at undergraduate or postgraduate level. There are a lot of reasons why Australian universities are popular, some of which are because of the high standard education, future prospect for students and physical and social environment.

This explanation will begin with the standard education of the universities in Australia. This is the main reason why they have become the student's choice for overseas study. For the past decades, there is no doubt that the education quality in Australian universities become better and increase significantly year by year. In fact, in 2013, there are 6 Australian universities that successfully made it into top 100 universities for the Times Higher Education (THE). This is indirectly shown that the universities in Australia offers higher standard education compares to rest of universities in the world.

Besides that, Australian universities also become popular for overseas study because they offer better future prospect for student. This is because of the good education standard in the universities and thus will hand the students better degree quality when they graduated. Not only that, since Australia is an English speaking country, by hook or by crook, the overseas students need to practise and master their English so that they can study and communicate excellently. Thus, both of this points are very important for the students as they will use them in career interview that will lead to a better job opportunity for them in the future.

In addition, physical and social environment also play an important role in making the Australian universities popular for overseas study. The beauty of the landscape, less pollution, clean air and nice weather throughout the year also making the decision easy for students to choose Australia as the destination to further their studies. This is because they will have love at the first sight with the landscape here and thus making them want to stay here for a longer period. Last but not least, in the aspect of social environment, Australia also has lower crime rate compares to other countries and thus the students do not have to worry about their safety when studying here.

In conclusion, the overseas study at Australian universities has become more popular based on the factors listed which are because of their high education standard which will lead to better future prospect. The beauty of Australian landscape as well as the good social environment there also play a big part in ...

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