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Early Marriage Free essay! Download now

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Early Marriage

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Early Marriage essay previewEarly Marriage essay preview


Early Marriage


It is very common to see people getting married at older ages compared with the people in the past. Write an essay on this topic, stating your personal view and giving reasons for your opinions.

A Chain?

It is believed that all of us have a secret corner in our mind. Marriage has long been regarded as a chain fastening men and women, forcing them to expose their private world to each other. It seems remaining single for a longer time indulging to freedom is secured.

In the recent generation, having marital status at older ages becomes a common phenomenon in many countries. Not surprisingly, men are usually the ones who refused to be bound by commitment. However, women nowadays like to show their ability to get bread and butter without a husband, instead of regarding a wedding dress as a security blanket.

Strange as it may seem, the advocates of late marriage see themselves as the forerunner of society since such behaviour is considered as trendy and against the traditions. They claim that this trend symbolizes a new era when males and females can both enjoy their single status longer and have better understanding of their partners before making the life-long commitment, reducing family conflicts and lowering divorce rate. Yet, these ideas are realized at the expense of the economy, society as well as our traditional culture.

On the economic aspect, late marriage would indirectly lead to lower birth rate, which means weaken labour force. According to scientific research, women’s fertility decreases with ages. It is obvious that many couples give up having babies due to their late-coming marital status. In the coming future, the ageing problem will be aggravated and raise the financial burden of the government. Perhaps, these couples who postpone wearing their wedding rings and deciding not to have babies have to imagine the unromantic scene of pushing trolleys with their hunchback and wrinkled hands, leading a life of misery.

On the social side, uncommitted relationship would gradually prevail, replacing the formally certificated one. Since people now generally opt to get together at older ages, many of them, if not all, like to try different styles of relationship before getting married. Without the binding force of legal marriage, many people do not respect the term “companionship” and have flings anywhere and anytime they like, neglecting moral values. The social climate will then be seriously degenerated because such behaviour simply destroys our civilization which differentiates between human and animals in terms of their awareness to control lusts.

Finally, the heaviest price we need to pay is our traditional culture. We Chinese people have long been upholding Confucianism which stressed family ...

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