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Comparative essay

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Comparative essay.
“Beginning of the Tournament” and “A game of cards” are two stories written by Witi Ihimaera from the collection of “Pounamu pounamu” stories.
The first story that I have red is called “Beginning of the Tournament”. The main idea of this story is exactly the Maori Hockey tournament, which is probably the main event that takes place each year in spring. The story begins with the phone call of dad to his son, who has asked him to come back home on the Easter holidays to help his team in the hockey tournament. This request opens probably the main problematic of this story- the great sacrificing of the Maori population, because on my opinion such kind of problem could be a real catastrophe for a small native culture, but still the theme of the story is a hockey game. Story most of all talks about tournament, people preparations and of course about one of the games, which was a game between two woman teams.
Second story which is called “A game of cards” most of all is about Nani Miro’s live, her sickness because of the age and of course about the favorite game of woman- cards. Nani Miro was the most famous Nani there. We can predict it for example because of the old homestead where she was living. Everybody in Waituhi called it as “Miro’s Museum”, because it housed the prized possessions of the whanau, which Waituhi had won in sports and culture tournaments. Each Saturday the cards tournaments passed in her homesteads living room. The most interesting thing about tournaments was that only women played this game. By the way Nani Miro was a top player at this tournaments and unrivalled champion, as a matter of fact it was her game. Nani Miro always played her cards. She died event playing cards with her best friend and worst enemy- Mrs. Heta. This is why the theme of that story on my opinion is- a game of cards, because all events goes around this game.
Just making a prediction, from my point of view- both stories should have same aspects, first of all and mainly because these stories are written in the same book that means, that all stories which are written there should have a common plot. Speaking about “Beginning of the Tournament” and “A game of cards” particularly, these two stories actualy have a common plot and on my opinion this common plot is the idea of tournaments in both stories.
The main plot from the very beginning stands for the first differences, these differences are tournaments or games that are described in each story. In the story called- “Beginning of the Tournament” people ...

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