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communication in 21 st century Free essay! Download now

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communication in 21 st century

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communication in 21 st century essay previewcommunication in 21 st century essay previewcommunication in 21 st century essay preview


the essay is about how the communication in 21 st century.


Communication in the 21st Century
The Original Liberal Art in an Age of Science and Technology
This is the first in what we plan as a series of occasional publications sponsored by the Center for Communication in Science, Technology, and Management. We hope they will be useful and provocative in identifying issues for discussion, both on campus and off, as well as in focusing attention on instructional and public-service needs and in identifying areas of needed research.
“Communication in the 21st Century” was prepared as a white paper for Margaret Zahn, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at North Carolina State University. It was part of a larger effort to provide her with a perspective on the role of the liberal arts at a land-grant institution with a historical commitment to the natural sciences and technologies.
Because the white paper also serves as an introduction to some of the issues and perspectives important to the work of the CCSTM, we thought it would be a fitting inaugural publication for our series. A brief disclaimer is necessary. The white paper represents my views, as its author, not the views of my academic department, the Department of English, nor the views of the Department of Communication.
And a word of explanation about these departments. Through the accidents of institutional and disciplinary history, these two departments at North Carolina State University both have some claim to the arts of communication: the Department of Communication emphasizes the arts of speaking and listening, and the Department of English emphasizes the arts of writing and reading; both departments have faculty with professional interests in the media and electronic communication. The CCSTM is designed to be a unit where faculty from both departments can work productively together, to discover what they have in common, and to learn from
each other.
Communication in the 21stCentury:
The Original Liberal Art in an Age of Science and Technology Carolyn R. Miller
Change and Continuity
Communication is dramatically changed by new technologies. In the 20th century, we have seen the effects of the telephone, radio and television, film, high-speed printing, xerography, desk-top publishing, electronic mail. These communication technologies have changed our national political life, corporate management styles, family connections, individual work habits. Additional change in the next century is inevitable, as we adopt video conferencing, multimedia, and internet technologies. Many of the effects of new technologies are unpredictable: the predicted “paperless office” has failed to materialize, for example, and word-processing software has transformed the labor ...

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