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Book Review on The Road Free essay! Download now

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Book Review on The Road

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Book Review on The Road essay previewBook Review on The Road essay previewBook Review on The Road essay preview


This is an essay that I wrote last month about the book The Road by Cormac McCarthy. It is 4 pages, and it got an A minus when I got it back. It is a good essay to read and to use if need be.


In a world devastated by an undisclosed disaster that left the world crippled, Cormac McCarthy’s novel tells the story of a journey by a father and son. From the opening pages, McCarthy depicts the love and protection the father has for his son as they continue their impossible journey. McCarthy successfully depicts this relationship’s growth, while writing the same high standards for despair that he is most known for.
Through the “dark and the cold of the night he’d reach out to touch the child sleeping beside him” (3). In just the first sentence, McCarthy manages to outline the entire story. In a world that God has abandoned, where the sun no longer shines through the ashes, the hope that the father and his son will survive ultimately gives the reader something to look forward to. Cormac McCarthy successfully writes one of the most classic stories of survival while using such grotesque details of a post-apocalyptic world.
Throughout the story, both of the protagonists, a father and a son, remain unnamed as they continue their journey. The father “hadnt kept a calendar for years. They were moving south. There’d be no surviving another winter here” (4). Already starting off in a dire circumstance, the father and son cannot rest for fear of death. The only thing keeping the father going is the hope that his son will survive, and without that, he has no reason to live. The father says to his son, “if you died I would want to die too … so I could be with you” (11). And as the father and son wander, encountering remnants of the lost civilization, the father shows extraordinary tenderness toward his son. The father, “knew only that the child was his warrant,” and “he said: if he is not the word of God God never spoke” (5).
Armed with a pistol with only two shots left, the protagonists continue their journey south, toward the ocean. Along the way, the father is cautious as to come to contact with any other humans. Throughout the story, the father keeps referring to his son and him as the “good guys” (65), and everyone else was the bad guy.
As the journey continues however, the father and son are forced to be less cautious in order to survive. They keep walking, and the father’s illness worsens. They are starving, stalked by the unseen, by armed thugs who epitomize what the apocalypse has brought to mankind. In a world of dehumanization and destruction, the man and the boy must hold onto their sanity and each other in order to survive, or else they too will fall into the trap ...

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