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Avoid the rush hour Free essay! Download now

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Avoid the rush hour

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Avoid the rush hour essay previewAvoid the rush hour essay preview


avoid the rush hour


“Avoid the rush hour” ought to be the philosophy of the modern cities’ dwellers all over the world. The accelerating rapid pace of lifestyle nowadays is akin to the CPU in computers doubling its processing speed. In this science and technology millennium, the modern citizens are obliged by their rapidly changing environment to adopt a wholly unnatural rushing in-and-out way of life. Most of them have an incorrect mindset that only those who can keep pace with the rapid changes of the world can survive. Thus, they are preoccupied with their hectic life to an extent that they are on the verge of neglecting the existence of another lifestyle, slow-paced life, which is in fact a better life. Regarding this, the purpose of this essay is to do a comparison-and-contrast between hectic life and slow-paced life to show that the latter outweighs the former in the aspects of general health, family life and productivity and quality of works.
Firstly, the cultivation of slow-paced life by citizens is much better than of that the hectic life in term of general health of citizens. The instant culture brought up by the rapid pace of lifestyle is an abnormal tumor in this age. The instant coffee, instant noodle and the fast food have become the necessities of modern people’s life recently for so-called saving time. After scurrying off from the morning to the night with only the supplement of energy and limited nutrients from the nonnutritive fast-food as lunch outside, most of them drag their tired feet slowly home and continue to bear the stress again next day without having relaxation. Barely overwhelming stress together with the effects of improper diet in fact undermine the health of one more severely than other health risk factors could actually do. On the contrast, ones who lead a slow-paced life tend to enjoy their nutritive food and drinks slowly with enough time to taste them, slow down their movements to enjoy their every moment more, savor their life’s simple pleasures with little stressors. Hence, they have better general health indication. This is proved by the prior WHO official statistic which states that 80% of the adults in cities where the pace of life is more rapid remarkably than others, are sub-healthy.
Secondly, the slow-paced lifestyle is a better ticket to have a happy family life if compared to the hectic lifestyle. People in the hectic lifestyle are too obsessed with their personal affairs and engrossed in fulfilling their job requirements to an extent that only little time is fragmented to spend with family. As a result, the family structure is being shattered. Those who ...

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