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Amends Notes Stanza One and Two Free essay! Download now

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Amends Notes Stanza One and Two

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Amends Notes Stanza One and Two essay previewAmends Notes Stanza One and Two essay previewAmends Notes Stanza One and Two essay preview


Amends Notes Stanza One and Two


Amends – by Adrienne Rich
A feminist
Amends shows how she believed that women went unnoticed (night, sleeping people) and that women are left to make amends for other people’s actions
Amends definition =
to compensate or make up for a wrong doing
moon making amends for faults in the world/environment
1st stanza =
“nights like this” =
from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice opening lines Act 5
helps set the scene
automatically links poem with moon
The moon shines bright: in such a night as this,
When the sweet wind did gently kiss the trees,
And they did make no noise, in such a night,
Troilus methinks mounted the Troyan walls,
And sigh'd his soul toward the Grecian tents,
Where Cressid lay that night.
“cold” =
cold atmosphere
suggests that it is at night-time
harsh word
“white star” =
further suggests night-time
either apple blossoms of tree falling/moonlight reflections
“then another” =
Repeatedly happening
Multitude of either blossoms or moonlight beams
“exploding” =
Incongruous to the rest of the poem
Harsh word
Interrupts stanza’s silence
“moonlight picking” =
1st proper mention of moonlight
Personifies moon = has human qualities
Reflecting off some stones more than others
“small stones” =
Poem starts off at a small level, small range of view
Use of colons =
Lists/itemises the progression from sky to tree to ground
Mood =
Busy = moonlight “picking”, “exploding”
No rhyming

2nd stanza =
“greater stones” =
Broader range of view
‘zoomed out’
“rises with surf” =
Reflection in water
Transparent effect
Seems to be bobbing up and down with the waves
“laying its cheek” =
Appeals to sense of touch
Strongly links moonlight with femininity = nurturing, loving, caring
“moments” =
longer amount of time than picking
Light reflecting on sand more than on stones
“sand” =
Links with relaxation (beaches = relaxing places)
“licks” =
Semi-appeal to taste
Personifies moonlight as being a caring, feminine, motherly figure (animals lick other animals if they are hurt/young)
“broken” =
Confirms moonlight’s caring nature = licking it better
Shows that moonlight = trying to repair the damages (make amends)
“flows up the cliffs” =
Flows like water = links back to the surf
Lots of reflection on the cliffs
Cliffs common near beaches
Uncontrolled (liquids take shape of container), yet relaxed (no use of violent language e.g. “exploding” form stanza 1

“flicks” =
Not much reflection on tracks

“tracks” =
Common near beaches as well
Commonly found in relaxing environments
“picks”, “licks”, “flicks” =
Give the sense that the moonlight is only lightly touching the environment
Further link to femininity
“it” =
Refers to moonlight
Makes the reader forget that it is moonlight = adds to personification
Mood & rhythm =
Stanza 3

'as it unavailing pours into the gash'

Unavailing means pointless, possibly suggesting it is too weak, although there is a lot of light. Referencing to early feminism movements, with a lot of female support, but at first no power was available. Gash = wound created by humans.

‘of the sand-and-gravel quarry’

Quarry links back to gash = humans are destroying the environment

'as it leans across the hangared fuselage'

It can lean across ...

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