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alices adventures in wonderland Free essay! Download now

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alices adventures in wonderland

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alices adventures in wonderland essay previewalices adventures in wonderland essay previewalices adventures in wonderland essay preview


alices adventures in wonderland


In life the loss of childhood becomes inevitable due to the fact that we as humans eventually have to grow up. In Lewis Carroll Alice’s Adventures of Wonderland the theme of losing childhood innocence and growing up is presented throughout the whole novel. The picture of Alice looking into the mirror but seeing herself as an adult represents Alice’s struggle with her own identity and the struggle of a child growing up in the puzzling world of adults. Alice’s physical size changes in Wonderland symbolize the emotional transformation that is taking place within her. In the novel Alice is lost several times in Wonderland and metaphorically shows Alice being lost within herself. This connects to the common process that many children go through. Which is children do not want to give up their childhood innocence but still want to grow up because their curious of the adult world and as a result leads to identity confusion. Alice’s ultimate goal is to get to the garden but this becomes a very difficult task due to the fact she is either too small to reach the key or is too big to go through the door. Alice’s experience of being either too big or too small represents the difficult of transition into adulthood. This is shown in the novel when it is stated that Alice “longed to get out of that dark hall, and wander about among those beds of bright flowers and those cool fountains, but she could not even get her head through the door” (Carroll 16). The reason Alice struggles with her identity is because she cannot figure out if she fits in the “adult world or the “child’s” world. The reason she feels confused and frustrated is because she is too small for adult privileges but yet is forced to give up the innocence and care free aspect of being a child. For example in Chapter 5 Alice loses control and as a result her neck grows a ridiculous length. These constant fluctuations represent the way a young girl may feel as her body grows and changes during puberty. In the novel it says “The situation becomes more hopeless than ever, so she sat down and began to cry” (Carroll 21).  This shows Alice can no longer handle the pressure and as result breaks down. Alice’s confusion also comes from the constant need to identify herself by the creatures she meets. For example the Cheshire Cat questions her sanity by saying “she must be mad”. This leads for Alice to develop doubts about her own identity. In order for our world and the people within that world to function properly we need ...

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