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THESIS PLANNING essay previewTHESIS PLANNING essay preview


Thesis Planning & Thesis Report


I. Please explain why (80%) of your thesis is research planning or the preparation of your thesis proposal. The most critical aspect of this thesis plan is your objectives and methodology—please explain its functional relationship in your thesis work.
The 80% of our thesis is composed of the Thesis Plan/research planning or preparation of the thesis proposal where the First Chapter of the paper are composed of the ff: the thesis problem, the objectives of the study, significance of the study, scope and limitation. Our experience from there was we had a lot of reconsiderations and revising in this part to have a good outcome. While the Second Chapter is where we synthesize and organized the Review of Related Literatures. Lastly, the Third Chapter is for the Research Methodology that will be used to help achieve the objectives of the study which will be based on the theoretical or empirical framework where variables can be easily known. Everything will start on the research planning because it will really be of great help if the foundation of the paper is really well planned since after it, the remaining percentage of the thesis proposal will already be easily done. It provides me with the necessary foundations and skills in locating information to complete an effective thesis. There are a number of steps to follow, regardless of the topic that develops the habit of going through steps to tackle information problems anywhere and to learn about anything that interests me at any time of my life. The preparation of the thesis proposal requires or will consume more time than the thesis report itself. There are also certain principles when making the research plan like don't make a thesis that has been done by others hence it will ...

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