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Speech Plan - What’s The Beef? Speech Free essay! Download now

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Speech Plan - What’s The Beef? Speech

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Speech Plan - What’s The Beef? Speech essay previewSpeech Plan - What’s The Beef? Speech essay previewSpeech Plan - What’s The Beef? Speech essay preview


About electric vehicles


Speech Plan—What’s The Beef? Speech
Attention Getter:  Shhh, everyone quiet. If you listen closely enough, you can hear it. Can't hear it? That's an electric motor. 
Speech Purpose:  So, what are we talking about, here? Electric vehicles and whether or not they are more 'environmentally friendly' than their, more conventional cousins, the internal combustion engine vehicle. 
Thesis Statement:  In the first part I will to tell you about what the controversy actually is, about the environmental friendliness of full-electric vehicles; then I’ll let you know how this debate arose.
Main Point I:  So, let's start with what an electric vehicle is. Fully electric vehicles are vehicles that are propelled by electric motors that get their energy from battery storage systems, rather than transforming some other energy storage device, like hydrogen or natural gas, into electricity to fuel the electric motors. This makes them distinctly different from hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, or the Volt, which has a small gas generator that actually recharges the batteries. Not much different, but enough to take them out of the category, for this conversation. For simplification, we're going to focus on fully electric vehicles and internal combustion engines, using gasoline, only. The debate gets really noisy, when you broaden the perameters...
We all know internal combustion engines, but many of you may not even understand that term, so let's go over that, quickly. Internal combustion engines take a fuel source, generally diesel or gasoline, but there are others, as well, and uses that for controlled explosions inside the engine, which transfers that energy into motion for pistons, which turn your wheels, in a nut shell. 
Ok, the second part I need to go over, for you to understand the debate, is the phrase 'environmentally friendly,' right? I know, many of you are saying, "I know what that means and how it's applied to this debate." Well, that may be, but more than likely, it isn't. Many have an extremely myopic view on what actually constitutes 'environmentally friendly.' Generally speaking, being friendly to the environment, in regards to cars, is measured by its emissions. Not only is this reflected by federal incentives that give credits based on their emissions, but also by some of the names of these vehicles, such as the Leaf. But, are emissions the only metric? Not at all. 
Being friendly to the environment entails the entire lifecycle of that product, from cradle to grave and beyond, even. How and where you get the materials, for your product. How you move those materials to your factories, how the factories deal with those materials to make the product. How you move your product to your sales locations and the customers' homes. How your customer deals with the product, when it ...

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