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memo negotiation

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memo negotiation essay previewmemo negotiation essay preview


example of how to write a memo


Last month at a clothing fair, our Miriam Design Collection of silk scarves, was displayed. During this fair we were approached by Trendsetters, a major clothing retail chain. They were very interested in a deal with us and wanted to place an order of 50,000 scarves. For this reason I invited them over to talk about this subject.

We have had discussed a strategy that the ideal would be an order for 50,000 scarves in five different patterns. All the scarves would be delivered after 1 December, they would not get a discount and they would need to pay the amount on the day after delivery. Since we know that they wanted to have the order before 1 December, the fallback would be half of the delivery before 1 December, and half of the delivery after. Due to our cash-flow problem we could try to let them pay in advance.

Mrs. Soukaina Taouss, Trendsetters’ Purchasing Manager, and I met each other at my office this afternoon at 4 o’clock. The atmosphere was very good and she was very kind. We talked for a while and eventually got down to business. Mrs. Taouss wanted to order 50,000 scarves in 25 different patterns and colours before 1 December. I explained that if she wanted 25 patterns, the delivery time would be a problem. Even though she understood the problem, she needed to have the scarves before that time. After discussing for a while, we agreed that if she wanted to buy 10,000 units of scarves in 10 different patterns, instead of 25, we could deliver 70% before 1 December and 30% on 18 December. Furthermore, the terms of payment were no problem for her. She agreed with me that she would pay 35% of the total amount on 15 November and 65% of the amount when the whole order is complete.

At the end of the meeting I was quite satisfied with the results because we reached almost all our ideal points. She ordered 50,000 scarves in 10 different patterns. 70% of those scarves will be delivered before 1 December and 30% will be delivered on 18 December. Furthermore, we have decided to split up the payment and she will pay 35% on 15 November and 65% on 18 December, when the order is complete.
Word count: 400

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