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HACCP IN UK AND GREECE Free essay! Download now

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1. The history and the background of HACCP
HACCP is an acronym for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. Barrow (2000) declares that HACCP is one of the most useful risk management tools that present a more planned approach to the control of recognized hazards than that attainable by traditional assessment and quality control processes. HACCP is useful for new businesses as it helps them to recognize areas where malfunction has not yet been experienced (Barrow, 2000).


... In the 1960s, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was looking for a way to assure that the food for astronauts on space programmes was completely safe. Moreover, the Pillsbury Company in cooperation with the United States Army Laboratories and NASA developed the HACCP system during their trials to produce safe foods for the American space programme (Trujillo 2000; Sperber 2005). Under these circumstances, it was essential for them to plan food production procedures to guarantee the removal of pathogenic microorganisms, physical objects, chemicals and toxins from the foodstuffs (Bryan, 1999).

The HACCP system identified probable problems with food safety and established methods to control potential hazards. Unlike previous systems HACCP is proactive unlike traditional quality control systems which tend to be re-active. After keeping records, the Pillsbury company was sure that the controls worked and that the foods that were produced were safe for consumption (Ward, 2002).

According to Barrow (2000) initially, HACCP was an engineering approach that focussed on the product and all its components and mechanized steps investigating what might go wrong within the whole production system.

In 1971, Pillsbury demonstrated HACCP at the first American National Conference for Food Protection. After that, the model of HACCP has been progressing in the food industry. Specifically, HACCP was included into the Low Acid Canned Foods Regulations of The US Food and Drug Administration and it was applied to meat and poultry by the US Department of Agriculture (Hulebak and Schlosser, 2002).

In 1988, the ICMSF (International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods) in order to guarantee the microbiological safety and quality of foods created their own HACCP document. This document was significant as it was the first text outlining the model and principles of HACCP (ICMSF, 1988).

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