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financial tools

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financial tools essay previewfinancial tools essay previewfinancial tools essay preview


this is all about financial tools


The significance of the research study
November 1st, 2011 at 12:10 am | Research methods | No response
What is the significance of the research study? In research it is obviously important for the researcher to convince his/her audience the importance of his/her study. The significance of the research study should be clearly justified by the researcher so that the study may not be useless or bring no benefits to others.
The significance of the study in thesis is the part where the researcher tells how his/her study would be beneficial to specific people or parts of the society and how they could use it. Walonick (2005) explained that the significance of the study section creates a perspective for looking at the problem. It points out how the study relates to the larger issues and uses a persuasive rationale to justify the reason for the study.
Walonick (2005) further clarified that the significance of the study makes the purpose worth pursuing. It should be able to answer these basic questions:
(a)    Why is the study important?
The researcher should be able to describe the importance of the research/study clearly in various perspectives and this should be supported by comprehensive literature review.
(b)    To whom is it important?
The researcher should identify who is actually the target group of the research/study relate the research/study to the need and demand of that particular groups.
(c)    What benefit(s) will occur if your study is done?
The outcomes of the research/study should significantly brings benefits and applicable in practice for the target group.
Marshall and Rossman (2006) explained that the challenge is to situate the study as addressing an important problem; defining the problem shapes the study’s significance. In order to that the researcher should be able to develops the significance of the study by defining the problem.
Marshall and Rossman (2006) also discussed that in the process of constructing research significance, initial questions should be linked to the problem and its significance as well as should forecast the literature to be reviewed.
Therefore it can be concluded that the main reasons why the researcher needs to indicate the significance of his/her study are as follow:
(i)    Help the researcher stay on the right track
Significance of the research/study helps the researcher goes on the right track in pursuing his/her research.
(ii)    Prevent the research/study from losing its main objective
It helps the researcher by preventing the research gone out of its original topic and problem statement.
(iii)    Convince the target group the importance of the study
Ability to justify the need and effect of the research/study to the targeted audiences. Explain to the target group the what are the effect to the particular situation if the study never been conducted
(iv)    Increase credibility and reliability of that particular research/study.
Justified significance of the ...

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