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Communication in workplace Free essay! Download now

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Communication in workplace

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Communication in workplace essay previewCommunication in workplace essay previewCommunication in workplace essay preview


The impact of Internal communication channels in organisations



Topic 5:
Social networking via emails, chat groups, facebook and twitter are becoming increasingly popular ways to communicate socially. Write an essay describing the application of social networking to the organisational context. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using social networking in the workplace

Essay Plan

Social networking currently is one of business strategies to enhance communication in an organization (Kaplan & Haenlein 2010; Venkatraman 2010).
Communication as an intangible asset (Eunson 2008).
emails, Facebook and Twitter more popular
unexpected issues (Dutta 2010; Priestley 1957).
The paper is to:
identify the background and development
discuss the advantages and disadvantages

Social network has existed long before due to its psychological well-being of humans (Coyle & Vaughn 2008; Henderson 1977).
social network as survival requirements
contribution of authors (Freeman, White & Romney 1992; Hatala 2006).
the explosion of the new platforms (Coyle & Vaughn 2008; Eunson 2008; Kaplan & Haenlein 2010).
Communication is an core feature of human interaction and a centre of organizational effectiveness as well (Eunson 2008; Tourish & Hargie 2004).
the process
contribution of effective communication (Thill & Bovee 2011).
impact upon the performance (Sparrowe et al. 2001).
As a result, advantages must be explored

Transparency enhancement
The social media is likely to penetrate all of organizations’ activities due to its transparency enrichment.
Transparency as organizational strategy (Christensen 2002).
the medium degree of “social presence” à self-presentation and self-disclosure (Kaplan & Haenlein 2010).
avoiding grapevine (Galpin 1995).
email characteristic (Thomas et al. 2006) à enhance transparency à shape communication
Accountability will be encouraged more effectively via the transparent social network.

Accountability enhancement
Another advantage of using social media is to enhance accountability in communication within organizations.
Accountability roles
higher transparency à greater accountability
decode, post-editing, adjustment (Eunson 2008; Windschuttle & Elliott 1999).
feedback - Johari window (Luft 1969).
Asynchronous characteristic à good adjustment and feedback
self-disclosure enhances the accountability via multi-dimensions (Eunson 2008).
successful firms and nations (Windschuttle & Elliott 1999).
In the age of transparency, the high accountability the high trust can be built in human interaction.

Human relationship enhancement
Social media is able to close the gap between human relationships in the workplace.
the transparency and accountability àtrust (O'Neill 2002).
Informal style, multi-function reduces the invisible barrier
Emphasize relationships with other people
The need of relationship today(Windschuttle & Elliott 1999).

Lack of interpersonal skills
The interpersonal skills are properly restricted through these channels.
Roles of Face-to-face interaction
Computer-mediated-communication not be a functional alternative (Flaherty, Pearce & Rubin 1998).
Emotional intelligence (EI) is declined
EI definition (Eunson 2008).
Causes of informal language
As a result, technological media partially effect on communicational effectiveness in the corporate environment.

Time consuming
Another ineffective cause of time consuming should be concerned in organizational communication.
Facebook user and “Facebook addict” (Dutta 2010; Kaplan & Haenlein ...

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