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Characteristics of manufacturing process at MCC factory in Hambach Free essay! Download now

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Characteristics of manufacturing process at MCC factory in Hambach

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Characteristics of manufacturing process at MCC factory in Hambach essay preview


Short description of the most important characteristics of the manufacturing processes at the Hambach plant


“Variation in customer demand hardly interferes with production process”
“…features that might disturb production, if made optional (such as ABS, electric windows, etc.), are integrated as standards in the car.”
Wide range of “after-sales extras”
Details can be added/customizations can be made at the dealership
Modular concept allows engineers and designers “to develop and implement minor or major product redesigns”
This product development “MCC have achieved high levels of customer-perceived choice, while limiting product variation and production complexity”
“ sales using… unconventional channels and sales processes”
Recyclable, lower emission, customization opportunities during the period of ownership
Postponement – when offering a product that is made to order and highly customized (at least in this case – high perceived customization) *-- was limited
“the single-stage sales concept allows Smart to procure their cars – via the sales logistics department – directly from the production plant in Hambach instead of through a dealer or import organization” – avoiding/differs from “the tiered sales structure in the traditional automotive industry”
Facility – Smart-ville
“Goals for production and plant layout”: “flexibility, just-in-time operation and short supply lead-times” à “this has resulted in a reduction of transport and logistics cost to the absolute minimum”
“final assembly takes just 4,5h”
Product is divided into modules
“MCC has succeeded in limiting the number of components supplied by direct (tier 1) suppliers. The modular concept, as well as technological innovations, have enabled MCC to produce a car from no more than 40 to 50 modules and parts.”
4 main modules + integral body frame (cross)
“each module contains sub-modules and components.”
“The modules are supplied in sequence for final assembly by a small number of first-tier suppliers.”
Seven of the first-tier suppliers “are fully integrated into the final assembly site.”
“Modules are bought by MCC only when needed”

Suppliers start to pre-assemble modules one the demand by MCC
“car is moved along the workstations of the assembly line”
“Reasons for this plant layout [i.e. cross] were to permit frequent deliveries at a large number of delivery points, while keeping transport to a minimum.”
“Sub-sections can work independently in order to avoid disruptions”
“ ‘integrated suppliers’ are able to supply their finished products directly to the final assembly line or by means of a conveyor system.”
Parts are passed on to subsequent partner/partners’ facility
Modules and components are delivered on a just-in-time basis”
“The seven ‘integrated’ suppliers are responsible for the supply of 70-80% of the volume and 30-40% of the value of the finished product
16 non-integrated suppliers deliver sub-modules and parts – they “add … 20% of the volume of the car”.
Suppliers (to be integrated)were chosen on based on “the frequency at which a module was used and its size”
“… the components causing the largest transporting flows were integrated in the premises of MCC.”
“… suppliers closely participate in the final assembly of the ...

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